Remote Control Toys for Kids Under $100

Are you looking for radio controlled cars that are easy for young children to operate and fun for them to play with? Then consider RC cars toys: they’re inexpensive, colorful, diverse, and great for beginners in the world of model cars. You can find these remote control toys for under $100, and the maintenance required on them is minimal.

You’ll find that most RC car toys are already pre-assembled, so your child can enjoy running them as soon as the package is opened. Many have light and sound special effects that will delight your child, and you can sometimes get custom features for your RC cars toys, including motors, bodies, and tires. Remote control toy cars come in a variety of sizes; you can pick small and compact ones for your child to bring along on trips. Or you can get larger ones for younger children to minimize choking risk.

Fun at Any Age

RC Cars Hobby has a great selection of RC cars toys for children as young as two and as old as twelve. Not only do we feature RC cars and trucks, but we also have remote control airplanes and even combination packs like the DRV SUV & Plane Combo pack, which combines a radio control truck with an airplane that perches on top and can fly off. Your child will be challenged and delighted in simultaneously operating vehicles on the ground and in the air with only a single remote!

Wide Variety

With such a great variety of RC cars toys available, you might be wondering: what will they think of next? Remote controlled animals? Actually, those exist, too. Try Kid Galaxy’s RC Caterpillar– whose remote controls were especially designed for smaller children. Or if you’re looking for some innocent mischief, consider the Megatech Radio Rodent. This radio control critter has glowing red eyes and, from a distance, might even be mistaken for an actual white mouse! RC Cars Hobby can offer you both toys.

No matter where your child likes to play, you can find RC cars toys for those environments. You can get RC trucks and dune buggies that are great for backyards and can withstand dirt and grass. If your child is the indoors type, he or she might enjoy an RC UFO hover craft that can levitate in a single area and not run all over the house.

When you look for RC cars toys for your child, remember to consider their frequencies; most remote control cars operate in frequencies of 27 MHz or 49 MHz. If you want to buy several radio control cars so that your child can play with friends, get cars of different frequencies.

Remote control toys are great for young children because they not only have fun, but it helps them to increase their eye-hand coordination,” states Madeline Binder, M.S. Ed. And the big kid in your house will be interested in RC cars as a hobby. Don’t exclude Moms!

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