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Tips for a Healthier Thanksgiving

It is possible to get through a holiday and eat healthier right? Healthy meals over the holidays are hard because that is when the family gathers and you get all the favorites you have been missing out on all year long. That shouldn't give us the right to burry our head in a bowl of homemade stuffing or hog all the pumpkin pie.

There are lots of places you can go to alter your homemade recipe or maybe create a new one. Allrecipes. com is one of my favorite places to visit. Here are a few tips to keep in mind this holiday season.

Use a Smaller Plate

This is not rocket science. Using a small plate means smaller portions. No it doesn't mean lets see who can pile the most on a small plate either. Trick the mind. We all know weight loss is a mind game so play the game. Use a small place to trick the mind to thinking you are eating a ton of food.

Portion Control

If you chose to use a bigger plate then use portion control. The divided plate method has been around forever so the theory is to put 2/3rd of the plate as veggies and the other 1/3rd as your protein. I know where are the carbs right?  If you must have them then have a small portion of them but remember you have dessert yet.

Bring a Dish

If you are going somewhere for the holiday then bring a dish that you know is healthy. I always go to my brothers house so I try to bring one healthier dish when I go. They don't need to know it's healthier. Remember the old saying "What they don't know won't hurt them" is true in this case.

Eat First

I know sounds silly right? Well if you are on any kind of weight loss plan then you know going and sticking to it will be hard. Trying eating your meal before you go that way you will be limit yourself on what you can eat when you get there.

Be The Host

As painful as that might sound, this option would give you full control over what food to have. If the family insists on bringing something that is great, suggest a nice veggie or fruit tray.  This would allow you to make those healthy meals and they wouldn't be the wiser unless you went for a Tofurkey then they might notice.

Be Active

After that filling meal go out and walk it off. Here in the Midwest we never know what our weather is going to be but most of the time it chilly but we still bundle up and walk around the neighborhood for a bit. If it's snowing where you are, go out and have a snowball fight or inside play a little Dance Dance but whatever you do, be active.

Stay Focused

This one is important. Don't make the holiday all about the food. It's about spending some time with family and friends. Sure the food is out of this world good but there is more to it than that.  Enjoy the company and share the memories of loved one past. That is what you need to be thankful for this year, each other.

Do you have tip to say healthier this holiday? What is your favorite thing to do on Thanksgiving?




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