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The Emerging Concerns Of Extended Lockdowns


During this long lockdown, many of us have been questioning our mental strength. Those of us that have never previously had to question this part of ourselves, have abruptly been forced to look inward and find out who we are. Unfosatuernly, there are millions of people that have begun to feel as if they cannot cope any more and they need some ways to either develop coping skills or find out what is really bugging them. Emerging from the extended lockdown, there have been a number of health concerns that have come to be understood by professionals as a direct cause of the circumstances. 

Cabin fever

The first and probably the most obvious, is cabin fever. We have been locked inside for many weeks and months, and what was once our lovely home, has turned into a makeshift prison. It’s very troubling to no longer feel attached to your home as a place that you can live and be free. Since you’re not allowed to go outside, the comfort of being inside has turned into its own problem. So what can I do about it?

  • Open your windows and allow the fresh air inside. If you have good air circulation you shall remain calmer, breathe easier and enjoy the brisk air on your cheeks.
  • Sit by the window and stop watching TV! If you can watch the birds flying about, maybe clouds and gusts of wind moving and shaking the trees, you can feel some semblance of normality.
  • Check with your local authority, if you can go for a walk. In the meantime, go for a walk in your garden or just lay outside if you can. Buy a tent online and sleep outside to give yourself more freedom to be outdoors.

Reaching into the pit

Unfortunately, many people have chosen to reach into the pit of their despair and try to cope with substance abuse. It’s never ever going to do you any good, even though it might feel good in the short term. If you know someone like this or if you yourself are in this type of situation, read this American Addiction Centers review. This is one of the safest paths to recovery as they study your old habits, learn about your personality, your daily routine and then design a program for you specifically. Their care is a mix of both group therapy and individual therapy, which is known to be the most effective. Boredom is not allowed, as this is known to return people to their habits. They make everyday fun, interesting and productive.

Social isolation

Millions of people are living alone, either as bachelors or as elderly people. There have been programs designed by local authorities to link such people together and give them some kind of regular meeting point online, every day. Do a quick search to find out where these services are in your local area. It’s usually on Zoom but you can use various apps like WhatsApp or Instagram.

There are so many concerns emerging from this extended lockdown. We all thought it would be over by now, but Covid-19 is persisting. Stay strong, get the help you need, and stay active somehow.

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