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4 Ways to Help Your Elderly Relatives in Lockdown


There’s not a single person on the planet who hasn’t suffered in some way from the coronavirus pandemic. People have lost loved ones, struggled financially, and had their mental health affected by the constant stress and isolation. It’s a tough time, made even harder by the lockdowns that are in place all over the world. Although these measures are in place for the greater good, it is difficult to be cooped up indoors and far away from our friends and family.

If you’re young and healthy, you have probably tried to make the best of the bad situation. Using your allotted time outside to exercise, calling your friends every night on Zoom, and finding solace in new hobbies like baking and gardening. But things are a lot more difficult for those who are old and vulnerable. For many older people, particularly those with health conditions, going outside to buy groceries or take a walk is not worth the risk. If they’re shielding, they will order their supplies online and not leave the house at all. All this time inside can be disastrous for one’s mental health, especially if they live alone.

In these turbulent times, spare a thought for your elderly parents or grandparents who may be struggling. Even though there’s not a lot you can do to change their immediate situation, you can still help to brighten up their day and inject some positivity into their lives.

Here are four ways you can help your elderly relatives in lockdown.


All it takes is a simple phone call to brighten up someone’s day, especially when they are feeling lonely and isolated. Make time to check in on your relatives and ask them how they are doing. Try not to focus your conversation too heavily on the current situation as this can be rather depressing. Focus on more light-hearted positive topics such as films you’ve watched recently or funny things that have happened to you.

Help them with technology

We’ve all had just about enough of Zoom by now, as it’s more or less become a cornerstone of all our professional and personal relationships. But for older people who aren’t as capable with technology, downloading Zoom and calling a loved one is a challenge. Help your relatives stay connected by talking them through the process and equipping them to make calls to anyone they like.

Help them with their chores

Your loved one probably has a whole host of chores they need to complete but are struggling due to the restrictions. Lighten their load by doing their grocery shopping, helping them with their gardening, or anything else they need.

Look after their health

Even though your elderly relative is keeping well clear of coronavirus, other aspects of their health could be affected by the current situation. Make sure they are getting enough exercise and eating well. If you are concerned about their health, consider putting them in touch with a doctor who specializes in geriatric medicine, such as Dr. Hooshang Poor.

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