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Ideas For Making Your Own Gourmet Style Food At Home


Eating delicious, high quality food isn’t something you should only be doing a few times a year when it’s a birthday celebration or you have another reason to celebrate. Eating amazing food is something that should happen at home – at least every once in a while. You may not always have the time and energy for cooking or the money to buy decent products, but these ideas should help you to enjoy high quality food more often. 

Know What To Look For In High Quality Foods 

You should know what to look for in high quality supermarket foods so you can better purchase items to make delicious, gourmet style meals. Better yet, don’t shop at the supermarket at all! Farmers markets tend to provide much higher quality ingredients, as well as smaller, family run businesses. Where you shop can play a huge part in how well you eat, so make sure you assess whether you’re going to the right places. 

Take Recommended Cooking Times Seriously

Now, recommended cooking times aren’t given as an estimate. Not if you want the food to have the perfect flavor and texture, anyway! If you eat meat, cooking it for too long could mean chewing so much that your jaw begins to ache. You might think you’re being ‘safe’ and avoiding food poisoning, but there really is an art to ensuring everything goes in the oven at the right time so that it is all cooked perfectly, the right consistency, and the right temperature at the same time. It’s an artform and something you need to time right down to the minute, so you will likely need to practice! 

Get Familiar With A Variety of Herbs and Spices 

Herbs and spices can absolutely change up a dish. You don’t need super heavy sauces and things to make a dish delicious. You could make a yummy lemon chicken with no butter and a few easy to find ingredients. Experiment with herbs and spices and make sure you’re always stocked. Fresh is best if you want gourmet food, but you can freeze it, too! Dried herbs are ok but they just don’t have the same flavor or wow factor as fresh. Plus, you can make any dish look professional with a sprinkling of fresh herbs. 

Understand That Presentation is Everything

Presentation is everything. People don’t just eat with their mouths, but with their eyes, too! If a dish is slopped onto a plate messily, then it’s simply not going to be as exciting to eat as a dish that has been carefully presented. Here are some tips:

  • White plates show off the color of the food better. 
  • Use plates that are large enough – white space is important for dish presentation. 
  • Build height using the various pieces of the dish. 
  • Garnish with an ingredient that is in the dish. 
  • Plate in odd numbers – it’s more aesthetically pleasing. 

Serve The Right Beverages

Finally, you need the right drink to go with your meals. Make sure you don’t just buy any old drink and read what it goes best with before you buy. There are both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that taste best with certain dishes

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