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The Careers That Keep On Giving

Giving to you, giving back to the people you’re working for, giving back to the people around you.., what do you think we mean? Well, we can mean all of those, and we have careers today that will definitely allow you to give back in a lot of ways. Why would you want to do this you ask? Well, because we feel like so many of you are stuck in careers that you’re just not getting anything out of. We feel like the careers you’re in suck the life right out of you, give you a super negative attitude towards work, and actually make you struggle to get out of bed in the morning. How many of you know this to be true, and how many of you are in desperate need of something different, and a career that actually benefits you, rather than making you feel as though you never want to work again!

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Animal Shelters

Now doesn’t this just sound like a treat that’s hard to beat, and one that you most definitely want to get into?! The best type of shelter we think you should try and work for is a dog rehoming one, but we might be biased towards dogs. There are shelters that will home all sorts of animals, so it’s up to you what route you would want to go down. The role might not be as hard as you think either. A lot of it will be about basic care of the animal and ensuring they’re happy and comfortable. You will also have to make sure you’re training them on basic things, because if we’re talking about dogs in particular, they come with so many different problems if they haven’t properly been trained! There would be room for progression, but it might not pay as well as some of the other careers we’ll mention. However, we do love the reward you get from this job, and the career will definitely keep on giving.


Education is the best thing in the world. But we bet the last time you thought about education was when you were in school, and you probably hated it like the rest of the people in your class. But what you have to realise is it’s so important, and if you can be that frontline person delivering the education children need, you’ll just feel so rewarded. There’s so many paths you could take as well. You could start with a basic teaching degree, then move to a masters of reading education, or a masters in play therapy. You just have to find out what you like the most about education, and go down that route, the play is usually good whatever route you go down!

Fostering Services

We bet you didn’t think we were going to say this one for a career, but it does become one. And plus, is there a career more rewarding than one where you care for children in so much need. You would be funded and have money coming in from it, and it’s usually great to have around a part time job. You’ll feel so much love and happiness, and you’ll definitely know you’re making a difference in lives.

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  1. Ohh, cool week! Thanks for sharing that! I think prior to the last “storm” I went through, I have always felt hopeless during those harder times. But I’ve had some break through’s and now I understand how this all works. Hard times come but they don’t last forever. I can appreciate the harder times now because I know there’s A LOT to learn during them too!

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