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Is Fitness Training A Fad?

Perhaps yes, perhaps no, fitness as a fad existed even years ago. But why is it accorded the status is perhaps something the reader will agree with. Being fit indicates that you care for yourself, your health, well-being and personality. Being fit also subtracts years from your age. Hence, fitness is and should be treated as a fad.

In yesteryears, only film stars looked fit and trim.

Was it because of body weight training programs? Yes, and also the way they carried themselves. Today, with fitness being considered as a fad, more and more people want to look young, feel energetic, slim and healthy. It may be true that being size zero and fit is putting a lot of undue stress on people, making them depressed. However, if you think in the right perspective, the fitness fad can actually empower you to take better care of your health.

You need not resolve to lose weight. But do resolve to remain healthy. The moment ‘healthy’ peeks in; you will naturally make healthy choices. You will choose healthful food, cutting down on junk, you will choose to exercise regularly, will refrain from taking undue stress and refrain from abusing substances. Instead of punishing your body with a strict Abdominal Toning/Workout, trainers recommend using alternatives like flex belts and trx training for weight loss without any effort.

A friend of mine, Angelina (name changed) was worried as she was a plump 29 year old.

She had issues with men and even if they accepted her for her weight, her own consciousness drove them away. She hated people who were thin, who wore shapely clothes and flaunted their legs. Soon she started avoiding people and her lack of exercise made her plumper and lethargic, till cholesterol raised its ugly head! One fateful day she met Mike who was a fitness instructor. Perhaps it was love at first sight, but because of Mike’s jovial nature and genuine interest in Angelina’s figure, she toyed with the idea of courting fitness. Knowing Mike was single gave her an added impetus. She invited him over to personally train her. Soon, she followed his instructions to the ‘T’.

Within weeks, she shed a few kilos and in months, her cholesterol was under check. Her skin glowed and her tresses shone. During one of her dates with Mike, he suggested she’d look groovy in shapely attire. Angelina couldn’t believe her ears. She felt it would be impossible to fit into a dress that was small for her. Mike’s encouragement made her try the dress and to her utter amazement, the dress was a perfect fit! Needless to say, it was Mike’s gift to her.

This inspired her to shed more weight and make healthy choices.

She gave up smoking, chose healthful food and rested well. The invitees for her wedding watched her incredulously as she flaunted a graceful figure draped in her wedding gown.

Although parents complain that their adolescents worry too much about weight and that remaining slim has become a fad today, this ‘fitness fad’ statement can have a positive influence on children making them make right choices.

Of course the line dividing the compulsive need to attain the perfect figure and attain health is thin, fitness as a fad can make its rounds in helping people remain healthy. Acceptance of one’s endowments is the keyword. You can alongside add grace, poise and confidence for an overall healthy personality.

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