How To Make A Paper Mache Mask- Great Family Craft Project

Mask making can be a great way to spend an evening or weekend. And if you follow these 6 simple steps, you’ll be well on your way to making two masks! Ready? Ok, find a buddy and get ready to unleash your creative juices.



Inflate a balloon. You want to blow up the balloon until it’s about the size of your child’s head before tying a knot in it. The size of the balloon will determine the size of the mask. Make sure you don’t blow up your balloon too much or it will likely pop.



Tear old newspapers into strips that are about 2”x4” and set them aside.




Prepare an adhesive mixture and pour it in a large shallow dish. You can use either of the following:

–          mild, liquid crafts glue diluted in water (1 part glue/2 parts water), stirred. Read the directions on the glue carefully to ensure that it is safe if it comes in direct contact with skin.

–          white flour (sifted) and water. Stir this until you have an opaque but runny, liquid consistency.





Dip newspapers strips into the adhesive mixture so that they are completely coated in it and place onto the balloon. Layer strips over the whole balloon so that they overlap slightly. Once the entire balloon is covered, create another layer. Stop about every 5 layers and allow your balloon to dry for several hours. In total, 10 to 15 layers are ideal, as this will yield sturdy masks. Once you have completed your last few layers, you want to let your mask dry overnight or until it is completely dry.





Once your mask is dry, pop the balloon, and cut the mask into half lengthways so that you have two even halves. These will be your two masks. Cut holes for the eyes, and a hole at each temple to thread ribbon through—these will be the ties for your mask.




Now that you have your masks, you and your children can decorate them! We recommend using water-based paint to cover the newspaper print, and then you can embellish them with glitter, sequins, feathers, fabric, felt, beads, or lace. Anything that you think looks good works!


*TIP: the above masks are full-face masks. If you want to create eye masks, you can cut one of the masks in half and round the edges with scissors.

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