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Renewable Energy Experiments for Kids

Energy SavingIf you’re a student looking to do some fun, fascinating, informative renewable energy experiments or a teacher trying to give your students an engaging way to learn about renewable energy, here are a few science fair project ideas that will delight and educate.

Wind energy has been used for over a thousand years, and there is a diversity of ways to harness and apply this energy source.

An excellent science fair project idea is to construct different kinds of windmills and see which ones fulfill a given task the most effectively. The task could involve lifting a weight a certain distance in the shortest possible time – or it could entail providing power to a light emitting diode (LED).

If you’re a teacher with many students, try arranging a friendly windmill competition among them to bring out their creativity and see what original designs they can come up with to fulfill the task you assign. Give lots of prizes to students who have put in effort and have demonstrated a great deal of learning; this will provide more incentives to more students than just rewarding the winner.

PicoTurbine Windmill Educational Kits kit gives lots of opportunities to explore how a windmill works and to practice assembling one. Not only does the windmill function spectacularly; it will also give you ideas for how to build your own windmills. Nothing improves your understanding of the way a machine works as assembling it yourself.

Immerse Yourself in Fascinating Renewable Energy Experiments!

Renewable energy experiments can also focus on hydrogen power. A hydrogen fuel cell car kit will give you the ability to see this power source at work in a functioning vehicle. This car will actually take water, split it into hydrogen and oxygen, and run off the hydrogen. The Thames & Kosmos Fuel Cell Car Experiments Science Kit also contains a solar cell so that you can explore yet another promising renewable energy source – solar power.

Over thirty renewable energy experiments are available with the Thames & Kosmos kit, enabling exploration of phenomena from solar electrolysis to the construction of a reversible fuel cell. You will really be creating new power sources and machines that actually work with this kit! Yes, that means you will be doing the work of professional engineers – just on a smaller scale!

When more students and adults alike find out how renewable energy sources work, there will be a greater pool of ideas to draw upon in actually developing improved solutions for using these energy sources. By performing renewable energy experiments, you will both have fun and help contribute to the emergence of fascinating discoveries.

Madeline Binder has been helping students, parents, and teachers to find ideas for award-winning science fair projects for many years. Her website, Super Science Fair Projects, is one of the most popular resources for obtaining ideas for wind and solar energy.

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