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Kuhn Rikon Vase Oil Mister {Review}

Kuhn RikonYou should have seen my husbands face when I opened this box. We just had to throw out our other oil mister because it just didn’t last. The Kuhn Rikon vase oil mister is really outstanding. This thing can with stand anything, even me!!

Kuhn Rikon has a wide range of products for your kitchen. I really enjoy their Kinderkitchen section.  It’s alwasys nice to have kid friendly items in your kitchen to help teach your kids about cooking.  Kuhn Rikon was founded in Switzerland and they put great pride in the 70 years of products they have produced.

Our Mission

  • Making life better by providing unique, quality products for the kitchen that blend old-world craftsmanship with innovative technology and design.
  • Supporting our exceptional products with our exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable customer service.
  • Strengthening community and family ties by creating innovative products that are a pleasure to use and leave you more time to enjoy sharing meals, connecting with friends and family, and savoring life’s essentials.

My Thoughts

First off this oil mister is pretty cool looking. I received the green one to review. It’s very heavy and durable. I honestly think I can even keep this one in tact. We use olive oil every night when cooking, or I should say when my husband cooks Makes food preperation so easy. So this product was really for him and not me. He jumped at the chance to grab it out of my hand to try it out. As I said, our old mister just bit the dust.

The vase oil mister contaniner is made of heavy duty glass. It sprays a nice fine mist so there is little chance of clogging. Which I think was the issue with our other one. It’s also nice to see what is in the bottle so you can prepare ahead of time so I never run out.  I for one love this product and I have bookmarked the site. I really want to get a pressure cooker. I know hubby would love to try some yummy food out in one of those.

Summer is coming up and weddings will be popping up everywhere. I know I have one to attend, and I will keep Kuhn Rikon in mind when I pick out the perfect wedding gift. Even you chefs out there would love these products.



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2 thoughts on “Kuhn Rikon Vase Oil Mister {Review}

  1. Hi Karla, I am having a problem getting this device to work, and I can’t find anything on line about it. Any suggestions?


  2. You can’t get the oil mister to work? I suggest going to the Kuhn Rikon website and contacting customer service.

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