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Quarantine Nails and Hair.. Oh My!!

The world has sure changed these last few months, which feels like years. For the most part I am lucky to be able to work from home, have internet, TV, and most importantly, toilet paper. What I lack right is a nail and hair salon. Petty maybe? Maybe but people, my hair is out of control and my nails are grown out so much that the acrylic nails that were on look like french tips. So I am taking things into my own hands…..(queue disasters)


So I decided to search the internet to find a way to do my own nails. I can’t stand the site of them. Someone recommended nail dip. I didn’t realize I had so many options. Gel nails, doing the acrylic myself, or nail dips. I have some on the way so I will see how this all plays out. My friends say it’s easy to use.. do they know me??


I took matters in to my own hands here too. I normally get my hair professionally colored but I just couldn’t wait. So I resorted to buying my own hair color. While it may have turned a bit orange, it was certainly better than the grey. As for my son’s hair.. Nothing a good pair of clippers couldn’t fix. Man boys are so much easier!


Up next.. my eyebrows.. They are starting to grow together. Here is where the biggest disaster could happen. I saw these eyebrow razors that look interesting. Now if all goes well I will have a nicely shapped brow or it could go incredibly wrong and I shave them all off trying to get it shapped right. Hmm. Should I or shouldn’t I? Verdict is out on if I can just live with a uni-brow.

Tell me.. How are you keeping up with your luxuries during this quarantine?

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