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How To Conquer Eco-Friendly Home Updates Right Now

Right now, you’re likely spending more time at home and the desire to be busy, productive, and stay entertained makes it an opportune time to upgrade your home. Whether you just purchased a fixer upper or you’ve owned your house for years, you can start these projects to create a home you love right now. Due to the state of the planet, it’s important to think about the world beyond just your house; consider making the upgrades to your home sustainable and eco-friendly. Not only will you feel good knowing that your house isn’t wasting energy, but it will also be an advantage if you ever choose to sell your house in the future.

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Let’s talk finances first: 

Before you decide to move forward with any type of home upgrade, reviewing your finances should always be your first priority. If financial times are tough for your family right now, know that there are plenty of ways to free up cash and save money on bills every month. 

If you still have a regular income, take the money you’d be using on gym memberships, hair appointments, or gas and transfer it into your savings account to put towards future home improvements. For those of you who have owned your home for at least five years, a smart thing to do is to check if you qualify for a home equity loan. This is an affordable way of getting cash now to make upgrades to your home because home equity loans tend to have lower interest rates than personal loans, especially in the current economy. 

Maybe you recently purchased a fixer upper so you don’t have enough equity in your home but you want to be able to tackle your renovations now. There are still a few options to finance the project! Like mentioned above, saving up as much money as possible should always be a priority, especially before diving into a fixer upper, but there are also ways to free up cash from other bills you may have. For example, if you have private student loans, now may be the best time to refinance or consolidate them because interest rates are low and only certain companies are offering to help their borrowers during this crisis. Regardless of if you save first or finance, be sure you know which upgrade you’re going to complete during your time at home so you have the budget ready ahead of time.

What upgrades to consider:

If you’re not sure what eco-friendly upgrade to start with, consider the needs of your house. If you need a new roof, furnace, or hot water heater, then now is the time to research sustainable options to reduce monthly bills and make your home more efficient. If you are looking to make eco-friendly upgrades to bring your home into this century, then look into options like solar panels, new windows, or gathering used products to make the changes. For example, reclaimed wood is eco-friendly and makes a trendy statement for accent walls, tables, or cabinets. You can also make a new garage door with recycled natural material like steel. Depending on where you live, you’d be surprised at how the weather can help you maximize the efficiency of your home. Rain water can actually be captured to use inside your house or for watering your yard and garden. The options are endless and all depend on your budget, climate, needs, and desires for a newly updated house! 

Finally, depending on area regulations, you may still be able to have contractors come to your home to tackle some renovations, but be sure to take the correct precautions. This may include providing masks for your family and providing the workers with them as well, disinfecting your home before and after workers leave, and ensuring everyone is washing their hands on a regular basis. 

Because of the unsettling and unpredictable times, some projects may need to be put on hold, but if you’re able to DIY upgrades or have a contractor come then there is no better time than now! Once you get your budget and finances in order, there are amazing benefits to creating an eco-friendly home. Whether you plan to live there forever or sell it in the coming years, you’ll profit from lower bills, investing wisely and reducing your carbon footprint. 

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