Peppa Pig Bedtime & Bathtime Review

photo 4(1)Bedtime is such an ordeal with us. Cooper doesn’t like to go to bed so we fight about it almost every night. We try to get a routine down of bath, snack, books, teeth, and then bed.  While Cooper is 6 and out growing some of his things, he still loves Peppa Pig. He can relate Peppa with his British family.

Bedtime Peppa

The Bedtime Peppa Pig is too cute. Her little cheeks light up a bright red and when you press her tummy, she will talk to you. She  sings lullaby songs, oinks and even plays a counting sheep game. Even though Cooper is a bit “big” for this, he still love hearing her sing.

Bathtime Peppa

The Muddy Puddles Bathtime Peppa Pig toys are great. Cooper couldn’t wait to try them. Peppa is full of dirt on her, so when you put her in warm water, the dirt disappears. The bathtub has a little hole in the bottom, for easy bathwater draining and it also has suction cups on the side of it to put on the bathtub wall for easy playing. Even George is in this bathtime collection.

Read Peppa

Peppa Pig and the Busy Day at School book is really cute. Follow the adventures of Peppa in school as she learns her numbers, letters and more! Cooper is in kindergarten and enjoyed the book because he could relate to it so well. It’s very well illustrated too.
I would highly recommend adding Peppa Pig products to your kids Christmas list!

These products were supplied to me free of charge. My opinions are my own and of honest integrity.

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