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Quick Healthy Meal Ideas with Hormel

My name is Karla and I hate cooking. Oh I love eating so don’t get me wrong but I just can’t seem to cook anything that is well, good. My problem is I don’t have the patience. So when I do cook, and I can cook kinda, I look for quick, easy, and what makes the less mess kinda recipes. Here are a couple idea that might help you out if you are like me.


Come on! Who doesn’t love pizza? What I like about homemade pizza is that the kids can help and I can put my own toppings on. Everyone knows, if you are reading my blog, that I am on this healthy weight loss journey, and have been since the womb. Anyway, I bring my lunch with me to work, to avoid the fast food places. I decided to make a pizza on Sunday night so I could have it for the week. This thing only took me like 5 min to build. To make it healthier I added some Hormel turkey pepperoni and some low fat cheese. Tip: don’t use fat free cheese it doesn’t melt.

Do you see that picture? That is my delicious turkey pepperoni pizza that lasted 3 days for me. Unfortunately by the time I was done eating it, I was all pizza’d out. Maybe that isn’t so bad.

Pork Loin

Have you tried Hormel’s pork loin’s? If you haven’t you are missing out on a good thing. We eat these things at least 2-3 times a month. They are so simple to cook and they come already flavored. I like the BBQ one myself. There are 2 ways I love to cook them. One is on the grill. Yummaroo! We put the pork loin in foil and cook it on the grill for about 1 1/2- 2 hours. Add some sweet corn on the grill with it and OMGosh what an awesome meal.

The other way I like to cook it is in the crockpot. If I am at work all day I love that the crock pot does the work for me. When I do cook it like this I like to get the unseasoned pork loin that way I can add my own to in while it’s cooking. My favorite mixture is to take some french onion soup mix, water, and pour it on top of the pork loin. Throw in some chopped carrots and potatoes and you have another healthy meal. The best part about this meal is that when you get home, it’s ready to eat. Oh and a tip, get a crockpot liner to put in before cooking it makes clean up a snap!

Do you have a favorite healthy meal idea? I would love to hear it.

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