The Duggar Family Continues to Grow

DuggarJosh Duggar, the eldest sibling of reality show ‘19 Kids and Counting’, welcomed his third child into the world recently, and kept up the family tradition of using the same letter for all of his children’s first names.  Marcus Anthony Duggar arrived on June 13, 2013, and joins his older siblings Mackynzie Renée, aged 3, and Michael James, who turned 2 this month.  The American public just cannot seem to get enough of the lively Duggar family, and they have quickly built up a huge fan base.  The popular show, broadcast on TLC, is currently in its 11th season, and viewers have taken the extended brood to their heart.  The Duggar family’s appeal lies in their wholesome, good-natured attitude and Christian faith, and families up and down the country have identified with their strong sense of family values.  Josh and his wife Anna have allowed the cameras into their home to document the arrival of their third child, and will continue to share every aspect of their lives with viewers.

America’s Most Loved Extended Family

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are the heads of the incredibly large Duggar family, and currently have 19 children including 2 sets of twins.  They met through a local church, and currently reside in Tontitown, Arkansas.  Every one of their children’s names begins with the letter ‘J’, and there is a 22 year age difference between their eldest child Josh, and the baby of the family, Josie Brooklyn.  The show follows the family’s antics as they attempt to live a normal life whilst juggling such a large brood.  Jim and Michelle have received praise for their parenting style, and in 2004 Michelle received the ‘Young Mother of the Year Award’ sponsored by the American Mothers Incorporated.

The Next Generation

Jim and Michelle’s oldest son Josh and his wife Anna have now begun adding to their own brood, and have allowed the cameras into their home to share the experience.  They released a statement saying that they consider their new baby to be a “gift from God”, and that “Mackynzie and Michael are thrilled to welcome a little brother.”  The arrival will be shown in an upcoming episode, so make sure you receive the best satellite TV available in your area, click here.

Reality shows are becoming increasingly popular, but many tend to focus on members of society that are experiencing hardship.  19 Kids and Counting is a wonderful example of a functioning family unit that gives viewers a unique insight into just how effective hands-on parenting can be.  The Duggars currently operate a ‘buddy system’ where each member of the family is responsible for a younger sibling, and assists them with their schoolwork, chores, and day to day activities.  Jim Bob and Michelle also limit what television and internet content the younger children can view, and regularly attend church with the entire family.  Hopefully more reality shows will begin to focus on positive examples of the American public, and put an end to so called ‘trash TV’ shows which depict scenes of fighting, drunkenness, promiscuity, and other negative behavior.

Angela Cullum is a retired nanny and avid blogger. You can find her articles mainly on entertainment websites.

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