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My Greener Vacation

As many of you know, I just got back from vacation from Chicago.  I wrote a guest post awhile back at Dinker and Giggles about having a green vacation. I thought I would give it a try and tell you how some of them went. 

Now I wasn’t 100% perfect but I was more aware of things. Here are some things I tried to do.

  • Took shorter showers- Nope I didn’t mess around.. 5 min I swear. Quick wash, wash of the hair and I was out.
  • Bed linen- we only had it changed once and only because we spilled something on it or we would have left it.
  • Towels- we hung our towels after our showers so we could reuse them the next day. Only had them changed once.
  • AC- When we left the room we turn the AC unit off. Yes it was a bit hot when we got back but it saved energy.
  • Transportation- for the most part was our feet but when needed we took a taxi. We took the bus to Chicago.
  • Souvenirs- we tried to be eco-friendly but it was hard. We did buy our son a cute reusable cup with a build in straw.

 While we were not 100% eco-friendly I think we did at least 80% better then we normally would have.  We made sure we had water bottles with us at all times and threw our trash away.  I also had my planet friendly shoes from Earth Footwear on that made all the walking so much better.

Don’t forget to plan where you want to go when you get to your destination. It saves time if you can hit more than one sport in the same location.

So now it’s your turn. Planning a vacation? If so can you make is eco-friendly? Tell me some of the things that you can do to help this summer and make your family vacation greener.

Need help planning your trip? We booked ours through and got a great deal on a prime location.

This bag makes a great travel bag for your vacation. It’s sylish and looks great on the beach!

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  1. well im not so great on the showe limit but i do use my towels for a week each so thats saving on washing

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