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Hi my name is Karla and I am a bad Mom. I am guilty. I use TV wayyy to much with my child. I think it’s because I love it so much. I said to myself that I would never use the TV as a babysitter and Leapsteryet that is what I am doing. My son is only 2 so he hasn’t discovered computers or video games yet and I am scared to think of what might happen when he does.

Studies show that kids spend an average of 8 hours of day plugged into some type of electronic device. Wow that is shocking but if I think hard about it my son gets about 2 hours a night and a ton more on the weekends. I am just shocked at myself when I think of that. If you kids still want the electronic devices try some learning toys. Since my son is so young there are tons out there. Here are some I have found and some I have used.

Vtech Bugsby Reading System Pen and Starter Book Teach your kids to learn with this interactive reading system.
LeapFrog® Leapster® Learning Game System – Green If games is what they want, then give them this Leapster that teaches them while they have fun.
Educational Insights Geosafari Laptop  200 mind boggeling questions and interactive games. Excellent for the older kids.
Leapfrog Learning Baby Tad We have this toy and he still uses it. We used to put him to sleep when he was a baby by the night time mode and now he signs along with the ABC’s.
Vtech – Sit to Stand Alphabet Train This is an amazing toy. We got it for our son’s 1 year b-day and he still plays with it today. You can put the alphabet block in the matching slots and it will tell you what it is. It also sings the ABC’s.

I think for his 3rd B-day we will look for a my first laptop or a leapster for his age. Make him feel like he is playing what we are playing and hopefully learn something along the way.

While I will keep him active outside this summer as much as I can I know we will have those rainy days where he will need to be inside.  Arts and Crafts are another good way to keep them active while inside. Even us grown ups can learn to limit our time on the tv and computer.

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6 thoughts on “Kids and Electronics

  1. Hi Karla,
    I love electronic toys for kids. when my boys were really little I got them a huge amount of leappad books… actually an entire library of books. Since I live in a small apartment ( on the 12th floor), my kids don’t have too many choices as to what to do so electronics are a great way to keep them entertained. I also try to incorporate learning when they are on the computer.
    Your choice of learning toys is great!
    Blessings ?,
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  2. When my kids were small, I used the TV as a babysitter occasionally but not during the day. TV was only for after dinner. But I really put my foot down when it came to electronics. Even “educational” ones. I just knew as they got older and wanted to be on the computer, that if I didn’t set the stage when they were young, I’d regret it when they became teenagers.

    When they were that small, I think they had 20 minutes. And as they grew, I gave them more time, but never more than an hour.

    Oh, I got tons of complaints over the years, and all their friends seemed to have unlimited electronic time.

    But I’m glad I stuck to my guns. It’s not easy being a parent.
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  3. You should really do some research on the effects of electromagnetic radiation on children. The games are not nearly as bad as cell phones and wireless routers but still have a drastic effect of their health and there are links between autism and ADD from electrical devices. You should have an MRET chip on any electrical device that your child uses. I can give you more information if you are interested. Tesla was the one who originally said that the electrical currents were going to have a negative effect on our health. Electro sensitivity is a growing problem, once called ‘office sickness’ we now know that constant exposure to electrical devices in our offices and homes has a negative long term effect on our health. Most people know nothing about this. (Kind of like the toxic effects of grilled foods, nobody talks about it, but the black char that it puts on your food is toxic) In summary, I don’t agree with anybody overly exposing their children to electronics, but at least there are protective devices we can use.

  4. We have 2 V-Tech alphabet “computers” for Ladybug, and she just turned 3. They are great for car trips, since we don’t have a portable DVD player. And they are great for rainy days. I try to play them with her so that I can help her learn as she’s playing, since that is their purpose anyway.

    I think digital entertainment is a given in our society these days, so we need to find the BEST ways to allow our children to learn about technology.
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  5. So true, I see a lot of kids plugged to some form of electronic device these days. I limit my kids’ exposure to computers for an hour a day at the max but they rarely spend that much time if they even decide to touch it. TV’s also an hour a day but they prefer to be either active outside or play with non electronic toys inside.
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