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Living healthy is hard to do. I thought I would share with you some weight loss tip and tools that I am currently using. Anyone that has lost weight or has tried to lose weight knows that it is such a battle.

Important Tools:   

  • Hydracoach Water Bottles– This is not your typical water bottle. You can set a goal and it will keep track of how much you have drank and how far you have left to reach your goal. For someone that doesn’t like to drink water, this can inspire you to try.
  • Gruve – It’s much more than your average pedometer. This doesn’t count your steps, it counts calories burned. It will set a daily burn goal and let you know where you are by the color it displays. It’s so worth the work to see it turn green. 
  • Earth Footwear- These shoes are heaven. They are designed at an incline. So you are burning calories without even knowing it. They are very comfortable and your feet will thank you.
  • EatSmart™ Digital Kitchen Scale – For anyone losing weight this has to be a MUST in your kitchen. Portion control is a key factor
  • Pete Cohen– Who you ask? This guy is a the best out there. He has a 21 day program designed to keep you on track and losing weight. It’s not all about the food, it’s about the way you think. He honestly care about YOU. He also has a new program, Pete Cohen Nutrition, that is designed for you and nobody else based off of a survey you complete. It suggest what foods to eat and eliminate. It’s really interesting to read the results. You can get free information at his Weight Loss Guru site.

Important Tips:

  • Measure– As mentioned above portion contol is key. So if you buy something in bigger packages, portion them out using baggies. This way its not only convenient but you won’t over eat.
  • Exercise– You must move. Do something, anything. Losing weight is simple, burn more calories than you consume. Find an exercise that you enjoy. If you have kids go play basketball or tennis. If you have smaller kids just chance them around ahwile. But just do something.
  • Log- As much as I hate to say this, you have to log what you eat. Not only is this a great reminder of what you are putting in your mouth but you can also look back and analyze what you are eating and tweak it if it’s not working.
  • Food- Of course this is key. Try to buy as much “real” food as possible. Try to avoid processed food. They contain chemicals and sodium that could affect you weight loss. Try to get in 5 fruits and vegetables in each day.
  • Water- Water is also a key part of weight loss. It helps flush out toxins in your body. Rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in water. Remember when drinking your water use a reusable water bottle and help the environment.
  • You- Make sure you put you first. Take some time to relax each day reflect on how the day went. Meditation is a great way to relax.

I am sure there are plenty more tools and tips you could add to this list, and I would love to hear them. but these are just some of what I do, or I should say, try to do. If you need help with recipes and selecting some healthy good, I suggest 1,001 Low-Fat Recipes,  1,001 More Low-Fat Recipes and The Organic Food Shopper’s Guide. All 3 are excellent resources to help you along the way to healthy living.

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