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Making Life Easier For The Disabled, In The Fall


The fall brings with it, a reminder that life can be fragile and that nothing is forever. So we must cherish every time a flower blooms, every time a bird sings it’s song and every time the sun rises to bathe us with its warm glow. When you are disabled or know someone who is disabled, the fall can bring with it, a whole new host of challenges. The pavements will be slippy, as the wet leaves turn into mush. There will be standing pools of water all over the pavement, your garden, at the steps of your home and so on. All of these things pose a danger to you and or your loved ones. So let’s think about what we can do to help ourselves or someone close to us, who is disabled.

Entry access

Firstly, we want to have good access to our own homes. So maybe an addition like one of these handicap ramps is something to consider. The ramps have a little rubber lip at the bottom and the top. So, when you’re entering it will prevent you from rolling all the way back down. And if you’re at the top, it will prevent you from rolling down unintendedly. The folding ramps are great but they are usually just for portable use and for getting in and out of cars. You should consider threshold ramps, aluminium, steel and wooden ramps of your home use. They have standing structures which you can grab ahold of. These ramps give your security, support and sturdiness all at the same time.

Standing water

Maybe you have trouble walking or maintaining your balance somehow, then you will be wary of standing puddles of water. In fact, even if you’re not disabled, you will avoid puddles of water. The reasons being, you don’t know if the ground underneath is solid, you don’t know how deep they are and you could easily slip and fall down. So, you need to buy a hard bristle brush that has heavy-duty brush heads and handles. Use it with some force to push the water away. You should always brush in one direction only. You don’t want to brush the water one way and then brush it back in the other way. Fill in the potholes and this way you fix the problem for a very long time.

Get a helper

There’s nothing quite like man’s best friend for a helper during the tougher times in life. So if you are someone you know is disabled, getting them a trained dog to help them with chores around the house and give them general emotional support, is a brilliant idea. Trainer dogs can help those with disabilities, keep safe while crossing the road, they can also help bring things like slippers, the post and canes or crutches to you, while in bed or sitting down. 

Life during the fall is tougher for all of us, but especially for those with disabilities. Remove standing pools of water in your front and back garden so they don’t post a slip hazard and see about getting a pooch to become a helper.

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