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After Baby Pilates Workout {#WorkoutWednesday}

Hey all you new Mom’s out there! Looking for a good workout to get ready of that leftover baby belly? This Pilates workout might do the trick.  If you don’t follow Fitness Blender over on Youtube I suggest you do. Here is their video that was filled just 3-4 weeks after a surgery she had.


If you try it, please stop back and tell me how you did and if you liked it.


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5 thoughts on “After Baby Pilates Workout {#WorkoutWednesday}

  1. Pilates does a good job with flexibility training because of its focus on integrity and integration of the muscles. In every single Pilates move, there’s an element of balance involved. “Any time you’re trying to center your body and align your muscles correctly, you’re going to be dealing with balance.

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