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5 Ways The Modern World Assaults Your Wellbeing

The modern world seems like a land of abundance. We have more stuff than ever before. And incomes keep rising, thanks to improvements in technology.

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But things aren’t as rosy as they seem. While we’ve made something quite impressive at the start of the 21st century, it is also leading to a variety of health issues. Things are a long way from being perfect.

In this post, we list five ways the modern world is assaulting your wellbeing.

Having To Be “Always On”

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Historically, people worked around six hours per day collecting food and working the land. Then, when industrialization came along, the length of the working week began to expand. By the Victorian era, the average person was working more than twelve hours per day

We think that things are changing. We’re richer today, so we don’t need to work so long – or so the reasoning goes. But that’s not what happens in reality. Instead, we’re working longer than ever because of our mobile devices. 

Here’s the problem: most bosses expect their colleagues to be available at all hours of the day and weekends. And that means that we don’t get time to switch off. We have to perform continually. And that’s putting a burden on our nervous system. 

Social Isolation

Social isolation is one of the biggest problems in our society. We’re social creatures, but the modern world asks us to live apart from each other, not in tribes. We’re so used to the idea today that we barely notice it, but it takes its toll on us regardless. 

But even when society tries to solve the problem with residential homes for the elderly, it doesn’t always work. Nursing home lawyers continually have to intervene on behalf of families to bring abusive staff to justice. 

The problem is the fracturing of our society. You can’t just buy cohesive social groups. They only come together organically under the right circumstances. And that rarely happens. 

Evidence suggests that being alone leads to physical responses in the body that put people at higher risk of getting sick. And that’s what we see all over the country. 

Having To Keep Up With Everyone Else

Keeping up with everyone else is a big challenge in our society. We compare ourselves to the best, not the average, and not our own values. And that leaves us feeling perpetually disappointed by our lives. We don’t have what others do, and it makes us sad. 

The Media Hysteria

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The media is also doing us a disservice. Today, reporting is very partisan and extreme. It doesn’t relay the facts blandly. Instead, it embellishes them with disastrous undertones, making us feel fearful and stressed. It is incredible what a difference it can make when you cut it out of your life. 

Not Having A Purpose

Lastly, the modern world doesn’t tell us what we should do with our lives. We’re born into a world of opportunities – and the fact that there are a lot of paths gets presented as a good thing. But it can lead people to feel like they lack purpose. And that leads to depression. 

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