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Skip the Spa: Four Skin Treatments to Help You Achieve That Healthy Glow

skin treatmentSummer is upon us, and it’s a time when we all want to look our most vital, naturally glowing best. Unfortunately, for many of us, there simply isn’t time to visit the spa for a relaxing rejuvenation treatment. If you make your home in southern California, you know how easily the skin of your face can lose its youthful bloom as dust and sunlight take their toll. However, you can rest easy knowing that a single skin treatment with your local San Diego microdermabrasion specialists will restore your natural radiance. Until you can make an appointment, here are four easy, inexpensive ways to tide you over and keep you looking beautiful.

Holy Guacamole

Not just a tasty condiment to add to your favorite foods, avocado, tomatoes, and lime juice actually function to exfoliate, cleanse the pores of the face, and deeply condition your skin. What you are experiencing when you use products that include these ingredients is the combined action of high levels of vitamins A, C, and K, along with heavy doses of essential phytonutrients and healthy fats from the avocado and lycopene from the tomato.

Not Just For Breakfast

Masques that include oats, honey, and yogurt aren’t trying to fool you. Raw honey actually contains enzymes that, when combined with water, become mild hydrogen peroxide. As well as being gently cleansing, honey detoxifies and exfoliates your skin. Oatmeal also has a detoxifying and moisturizing powerhouse locked inside this familiar breakfast cereal. Lastly, yogurt moisturizes and cleanses your pores.

A Touch of the Organic Skin Treatments

Using gram flour, made from chickpeas, lemon juice, and ground almonds can also have a salutary effect on your facial skin. Gram flour cleans pores, tightens skin, and clears away oils, and is also loaded with lysine, an essential phytonutrient found in chickpeas. Lemon juice obviously has a tonic effect with its high concentrations of vitamin C and polyphenols.

Coffee’s Brewed

While it can be rough on your skin if you’re too vigorous, a great way to use expended espresso grounds from your morning shots is to add it to an exfoliating treatment along with aloe and coconut oil. Caffeine has been proven to tighten and brighten skin, and coconut oils paired with aloe vera gel gently cleans and moisturizes your skin.

Don’t let the summer heat bring you down. Beauty doesn’t have to break the bank or cut into your precious free time. Stay fresh and radiant in between spa visits, with inexpensive and easily accessible home skin treatments.

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