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Redecorate your Humble Abode for Springtime

simply decorating ideasIt didn’t seem like spring when families in their Kansas City apartments and homes woke up to heavy snow on March 23. That’s just one example out of many parts of the country, where a relentlessly snowy winter has made people a little antsy about the long-awaited arrival of warmer weather. If you’ve been aching for some sunshine and warm weather, why not start out by redecorating your apartment to reflect the season? A few crafty projects and decorative accents can make your family’s living space feel more spring-like and brighten your mood.

Apartment spring makeover ideas:

  • Lighten and brighten with spring colors. Throughout the winter season, the lack of color outside can make you feel tired and dampen your spirits. Brighten up your living space with splashes of pretty pink, citrus orange, lively lemon or pale green. Whether you paint or change-out your throw pillows, the splashes of color will have an instant brightening effect – on your living space and your mood.
  • Say it with spring patterns. Introduce spring patterns into your apartment with framed prints, pillows, tablecloths and other linens. Bird prints are especially popular right now – include a few different patterns in your living space for added visual interest.
  • Add spring accents. A quick trip to the local thrift shop or collectibles store can help you create a collection of spring motif items to liven up your pad. Pick up a dainty pastel lamp, a pair of lively salt-and-pepper shakers or any item that reminds you of spring.
  • Create spring from scratch. If cold weather has had you holed-up in your apartment, plan a craft night with friends to make spring centerpieces. Use wooden or grapevine baskets, and fill them with silk spring flowers. Paint a wooden or ceramic rabbit family to set on your kitchen table. If you have the whole weekend to spend on a spring craft project, jazz-up a boring wood table and chair with a spring-themed decoupage project.
  • Choose light curtains and linens. The arrival of spring has a way of making us all crave that light and airy feeling after months of oppressive snowy, gray weather. Put away your heavy drapes or curtains, and hang sheers instead. Put away those flannel sheets and use crisp, cotton sheets with a spring motif.
  • Showcase flowers. Nothing says springtime like crocuses and tulips. A simple pot of flowering bulbs or vase full of tulips will do wonders for brightening up your pad. Bring lovely spring flowers into your apartment in any way you can for an instant spring makeover.

In late March, as families e gazed out the windows of their apartments, spring seemed like it might never arrive. But warmer weather will be here soon enough. Until you and your kids can spend some time outside enjoying the sunshine, keep yourself busy by redecorating for spring. Adding some fun, festive touches in spring colors really can lift everyone’s spirits. And as you create spring crafts with your loved ones, talk about all the fun things you’ll do and places you’ll go once cold weather lifts its grip.


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