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Make Ty Pennington Proud: Six Tips to Effectively Remodel Any Room on a Budget

typennChances are you don’t have access to the sort of money Ty Pennington does when he remodels all those houses for all those deserving people. However, you won’t need too much money when you do these remodeling jobs. Here are six of them:

Add a Tile Backsplash to the Kitchen Counter

Backsplash tiles don’t have to be as tough as the tiles on the kitchen counter but can be just as attractive. Use field tiles, or regular tiles, if the tiles will reach from the edge of the countertop to the bottom of the oversink cabinets. If the tiles won’t reach to the bottom of the cabinet, edge them with bullnose tiles.

Paint Your Floor

Yes, you can paint your wood floor. It’s an especially good idea if the wood is looking a bit long in the tooth. First, pry away the baseboard, take out or hammer in any protruding nails, wash the floor with a mild detergent, rise and let it dry. Start painting the floor with a long handled brush around the perimeter to save your back, then use a roller.

Install a Chair Rail

Something as simple as a chair rail can add elegance to a room. Better yet, the wall above the rail can be painted one color and the wall below a contrasting color.

Put Up Wall Decals

Wall decals can add interest to an otherwise bland wall and don’t cost much at all. Make sure that you position the decals on the wall first before fixing them permanently. All you’ll need beside the decals are graph paper and pencil to help you make the design, a tape measure, a rubber squeegee and painter’s tape.

Put in a Garbage Disposal

This is a fairly easy job but it’ll need two people because the sink will need to be taken out to be attached to the garbage disposal. After that, traps and supply tubes will need to be hooked up and secured.

Hang a Storm Door

A storm door doesn’t have to be merely functional. It can be very attractive even as it cuts down on heat loss, lets in air and sunlight and helps keep the finish of the entry door looking good. Just beware of storm doors that are cheap and flimsy looking. They need to stand up to high winds.


These are only a few improvements that you can make to any room in your home. To keep the job as tidy as possible, rent a dumpster from a company like Dumpster Rolloff Waterbury.

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