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John Edward- Spiritual Living At It’s Greatest?

When a person we love passes we all hope they are sitting on a big cloud in the sky watching down over us. We all HAVE to believe that or at least I do. My Dad passed away five and a half years ago, before my son was born. It hurts that he isn't around to know my son but I believe he does know him. But wouldn't it be nice to get confirmation of that somehow?

John Edward is a well known psychic medium. John learned of his abilities at a very early age. It was uncanny the family history and events John knew from before he was even born. His family knew he was special but he has as normal of a childhood as he could have. He met another famed psychic that told John this is what he was to do in life and help him develop his abilities to what they have become. Which is truly amazing.

Now I know there are skeptics out there, my husband is one of them.

He is a science guy so you need to show him the science proof in order for him to believe. I have been an avid John Edward fan since his show Crossing Over hit the TV airways. I thought at first I would just watch to see what it was all about. Then I found myself just staring at him in amazement.  Then I said "There is no way this is real" but then I stopped to think about it. All the people that got reading there is just no way he memorized that information minutes before the taping began. What I LOVED the most about him is how he described what he was seeing (and he is pretty cute to look at). For example, I got this from watching the show, if he talks about a puppy he might see his dog which he could be talking about a dog or maybe the dogs name. Something like that. It's really funny when he talks about things that make him squeamish. 

John has not only done television but has written several best selling books, like his latest Infinite Quest.

He also is taking his show on the road. John is touring the country and bringing his amazing talent to you. I about peed my pants when I found out he was coming to my area. While you are not guaranteed you will get a reading at the event, the thought that he might just pick me gets me all sorts of excited.  Maybe if I wear a florescent yellow shirt someone will come through just to tell me to go change!  The tickets are a bit pricey but I honestly think if you can swing it you will get an experience of a lifetime. Me and my sister in law really want to go so we are doing our best to save ip for some tickets. Have I told you how excited I am about this?!?

The John Edward website also have a members only interactive community you can join called The Five. One of the best things about the memberships is that each month FIVE people are chosen to win a phone call reading, have a question answered, win a pair of tickets to the closest even (ME ME ME) or win an appreciation pack. You will also get exclusive access to web events that John hosts.  Right there is reason enough to get me to join! Here is a highlight from one of their webcasts.


I will just leave you with this. No matter what you believe or don't believe about psychic mediums, there is a itty bitty part of you that wants to believe that a loved one might just want to tell you something from the other side. Don't shake your head at me like I crazy, you know it's true.

If you have ever been to one of John's events please tell me your experience. 


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