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I, Hereby, Invite You — From Wedding To Friends Date

Ah, invitations! From the Latin invitationem, invitation is the act of soliciting or summoning an individual to be present or to participate in a specific event. The good news is that the act of inviting (invitare in Latin) has been part of human society for as long as there’s been human life. We have no evidence of prehistoric invites, but we can assume that those existed too. It is unlikely that the Roman Empire invented the purpose. It is fair to say that people have been inviting each other for hundreds and thousands of years. To parties, meetings, hunting games, gladiators’ events, the first Olympic Games in Ancient Greece, politically meaningful unions of kings and queens, etc. An invitation is the equivalent of a child shouting “come and see” to their friends. But, unlike a child, using invitations as an adult can feel daunting. 

For a start, you’ll have to convey all the necessary information for your invitees to be able to plan their participation. In many cases, failure to share all the details will see your invitation being declined and thrown into a pile of oblivion in the physical or digital bin. Unfortunately, it can be tough to pack everything you need to say in a polite invitation without making it sound confusing or off-putting. An invitation is, above and foremost, a polite request. You reach out to an individual because you wish to see them at a particular event. It is in many ways like opening a door onto a world of future possibilities. As such, your invitation should remain welcoming while sharing specific instructions related to the venue, the date, the dress code, etc. How do you make it work without confusion or awkwardness? The etiquette for invitations has changed greatly since the apparition of modern devices such as the telephone and then digital technologies. Social etiquette guided working, tone, and guestlists in the days of sealed paper and personal advisor. Nowadays, our fast-paced communication techniques can make it tough to keep invitations meaningful. 

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Wedding invitations: Personal & Practical

The first time you’ll truly get to consider the importance of invitations in your adult life is probably when you get to plan your wedding. Wedding invitations are extremely meaningful as they can convey the theme and atmosphere of your wedding long before the party begins. Truth be told, whether you are dreaming of a Marvel heroes theme or a more traditional romantic wedding day, it can be tricky to get your design right. That’s why more and more couples choose a DIY approach to make sure they can send an invitation that will look and feel like them. You will need these smart 9 tips for designing your own wedding invitations to give your guests a meaningful glimpse of the magic they’ll experience on your big day. It’s worth experimenting with your wording until you are happy with the result. The perfect wedding invitation should include:

  • You and your partner’s names
  • The date and time of the ceremony
  • The date and time of the reception
  • Venue addresses for the ceremony and the reception
  • Dress code if applicable
  • The names of the hosts, if applicable 
  • Instructions to reply: deadline, etc. 

Focus on simple wording and easy formatting to ensure nobody can miss the important information. It’s good practice to send your invitations approximately 8 to 12 weeks before the wedding, so your guests can plan accordingly. 

Study group invitations: Click to join

If you’re using online study programs to brush up on your skills, you have probably come across study group invitations. Online studies can be a fantastic way to update your resume and become an attractive candidate for recruiters. With a variety of options ranging from online degrees to certifications and hybrid digital and in-person examinations, you can most certainly find the skills you need to learn. However, studying online can be challenging. That’s why a lot of online universities encourage their attendants to create study groups. Study groups are typically found on social media platforms that let you build private communities, such as Facebook or Discord. Once they’ve joined, students typically use video calls and face-to-face interactions to prepare. How to invite someone to the group? Just use the social media system to push the invitation to chosen users. 

Garden party: Come in, we’re open

Nothing like a BBQ party to lift your mood! BBQ parties are a lot of fun because they don’t need much preparation ahead. The best part of a garden meet-up is to operate the grill and cook the food. So, this leaves you a lot of room for a spontaneous invitation. And that is precisely what makes BBQ parties so appealing. You only need to start the grill in the garden to let your neighbors know that the party is open. You’ll only need to stock up on easy tableware, paper cups, and cheap plates to make sure there’s enough for everyone. The spontaneity of the event makes it refreshing and interesting. Some neighbors might even bring delicious dishes as they join the party! 

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Kid birthday parties: Informing parents

Throwing a birthday party for a child can be a lot of fun. You can be creative with cake baking, decorating, and even finding a costume. However, invitations need to be clear and informative to bring guests to the party. Typically, while the invitation is designed for friends of your child, it should be written for the parents or guardians. You want to distribute birthday invites several weeks before the event so parents can prepare. You don’t need to send those as early as wedding invitations. As a rule of thumb, 2 to 3 weeks before the party is the sweet spot. Keep it casual as if you were talking to kids, but make sure to specify:

  • The name and age of your child
  • The date and time of the party
  • Your address (preferably with a map)
  • Contact details to get in touch with you
  • Dress code for costume parties 

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A dinner at the restaurant with friends: SMS

Do you fancy spending a cozy evening with friends? There’s no need for a formal invitation when a quick text message can get the job done. Ideally, you’d want to check with your friends before booking a table at your local Italian. But a few days to a couple of hours is all it takes to invite a friend for dinner. Seeing friends is easy because you don’t need to find an excuse or inform them about the dress code and address. 

“Let’s meet up for pizza at Mario’s tonight! 8 pm?”


Quick, simple, and effective. If only we could only invite friends rather than having to deal with so many different types of invitations! 

Invitation to an interview: Click to accept

Professional recruitment interviews can be nerve-racking. An interview invitation is an unusual format: They typically appear as a calendar invite. Yet, don’t be fooled by the format. Calendar invites also follow a specific etiquette for clarity and readability. Over two-thirds of invitations are opened on smartphones. The invitation should also include the date and time in the body and the header to account for formatting disparities. If you are planning a phone interview, you should direct your invitees toward a conference bridge, which will be a practical and safe solution for all. If you intend the interview to be run on Zoom or a similar platform, it’s good practice to include a link to download said platform for free. For face-to-face interviews, try to format the address in a GPS-friendly way so people can find out the location with a click. 

Funerals: Share place and date

Funerals are the one event that requires clear, quick, and simple instructions. A lot of people miss attending funerals because they didn’t receive information on time. You do not need to invite friends and relatives to the funeral of a loved one. However, you should find a way to share details rapidly to plan the ceremony in peace. It’s important to differentiate between sharing the date and venue for the ceremony and informing people of a relative’s passing. You can’t use an SMS to let people know that someone’s passed. However, you can use group messages and social media announcements to share the funeral’s date, time, and venue. Some will like to attend while others will use the information to send flowers. 

Hey, let’s go to xxx: I’m come and pick you up

We’ve all had a bad day once, a day where nothing seemed to go our way. Whether you’re going through such a day or it’s a close friend, there is no time to send a formal invitation. It’s all about turning the page on a painful experience. A simple call or a Whatsapp message to let a close friend know you’re on your way to them is all it takes. Spontaneity can turn a bad day into a good one as you sit together at a coffee table and share a delicious slice of chocolate cake or clink glasses of beer above a cheesy burger. It’s an invitation to step out of the everyday routine to relax. 

In conclusion, there is more than one way to send the perfect invite. Wedding invitations are glamorous, tasteful, and packed with information. But it takes a lot of skills to design a perfectly formatted calendar invite for a job interview. Inviting guests is all about adapting your tone to the purpose of the event. Try to consider what attendants need to know and how much time they need to prepare. 

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