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Does Studying Online Really Help You Progress Your Career?

These days, more and more people are talking about how they can use the internet to get further ahead in their careers. Whether it’s networking on websites such as LinkedIn or searching for overseas companies to work for remotely, there are certainly many opportunities to be had on the internet.

But perhaps one of the most common uses for the internet when it comes to advancing your career is actually online study. These days, more and more people are opening up to the idea of studying over the internet or using online resources to help further their knowledge. Many of these online courses can actually lead to legitimate certifications and degrees, so it makes sense that more people are considering it as an alternative to academic study.

But can it really help you progress your career, or are these services just selling an unrealistic dream?

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Some courses offer degrees and not just certifications

There are a number of online universities that offer real degrees and qualifications instead of just certifications. These are usually very similar to proper academic courses that you would typically study for in an institute such as a college. However, they’re taken entirely online and you can often take it at your own pace. This is extremely enticing for people that have busy lifestyles or need to commit a lot of time to their job.

Do keep in mind that these services do cost a lot of money and there are some limitations. Some may require you to take in-person examinations and others may involve practical lessons or tests. Always look at the terms and conditions of the course and make sure the end result is what you’re looking for.

There are loads of programs to help you study for in-person examinations

Many certifications require you to attend an in-person examination or perhaps even take a practical test. There are many different online services such as that can help you study for things such as HVAC examinations in specific parts of the country. These are fantastic when preparing for examinations and can teach you many helpful skills to level up your knowledge and prepare you for career advancement opportunities.

Check if your employer can support you with online study

Some employers offer a variety of courses and programs through their own corporate learning management systems. This can help prepare you for a new position in the workplace or even get you ready for career advancement. Some employers also reward their employees for completing courses and it makes it easier to find suitable people for senior positions.

However, even if your company doesn’t offer online study, they may offer you financial support if you choose to study with another service. As explained in this post at, further education is a great way to show that you’re ready for career advancement. If you can prove your willingness to learn, then you’re more likely to earn a better position in the future.

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