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How Long Will This Road Take?

There is always a road to go down that follows any action that has been taken. The question is – how long will the road be and how long will it take to go down it?

The Holy Spirit gave me this thought and it has affected me in a powerful way.

Every day you make choices as to the road you will take for that day; then each day’s end leads to the next day’s beginning, because the next day starts where the previous one left off.

Sometimes the choices are huge and sometimes they are tiny, but they propel you in one direction or another.

It is easy to think that just one day won’t make much of a difference. After all, it is only one day among many thousands that will make up your entire life, so how could it be so dramatic.

Many times when you are older, you can look back to one decision that you made that might have started you down the wrong road and it might have taken you years to get back on the right one. An example would be the first time you took a drink of alcohol or drugs. Just saying no that one time might have made all the difference from living a life of peace and joy to living a life of slavery and bondage to a particular thing.

Just one small action can change your life forever, or at least propel you really fast in the wrong direction.

Sometimes temptation gets thrown at you like a 100 mph fast pitch in baseball. It is there before you know it, and you only have a second or two to decide if you will swing or if you will pass. You also must have a good eye to discern if it is a “trick” pitch such as a splitter, cutter, curveball, fork ball, slider, or knuckle ball. The only way to tell is to watch the ball intently as it comes out of the pitcher’s hand.

If you have asked Jesus in your heart, you have an instruction book called the Bible to show you the right path to take for each decision you must make. It won’t make much of a difference in your life, though, if you don’t take the time to read it and obey what it says.

God tells you to do certain things for a reason and always has your best interest at heart.

Let the Holy Spirit be your guide each day and you will never have to worry about suffering consequences for a wrong action that might lead you down the wrong road.

Then when a fastball, slider, or curve pitch comes your way, you will be able to make the right decision in a moment’s notice as to what direction you need to take, and know it will be the right one.

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  1. I do not see how anyone can live without Jesus Christ as their Savior. When I realized I was a sinner, I was amazed that God loved me enough to come to be a man and give his life on the cross to save me. I do not deserve God's wonderful gift of eternal life, but his gift is free. What a wonderful Savior!

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