Christmas in August: How to Save Big

If you love living the frugal lifestyle, then there is something that should be on your mind this August and that’s Christmas. Christmas is incredibly expensive. Kids toys, presents for your spouse and other adult loved ones add up quick. New decorations, LED lights and the tree amount to hundreds for most families each and every year. Not to mention, if you host Christmas dinner and other holiday parties then you’re footing the bill for the turkey, ham, deserts and whatever else you serve to feed a lot of people. Like any other large expense, Christmas should be planned and saved for and the best time to start is now, in the dog days of summer.


Here’s what you can do to save big by buying now for the holidays:


Hit Up The Summer Yard Sales For Decorations

Unless you live somewhere, where it’s warm year round, people generally do not clean out their attics and basements for yard sales in the winter. However, it seems like most summer weekends and buzzing with yard sales everywhere. There are many people who sell large outdoor santas, reindeer and snowman as well as boxes full of lights and decorations. You can even find those adorable, porcelain figurine homes and snow globes at many summer yard sales.  Buying these items in a store closer to the holidays would cost a fortune, but most people don’t want to do this type of shopping in the summer and you can pick these items up at yard sales for practically nothing. Just store them away somewhere safe until Christmas and picture how nice the upcoming holiday season will be with your new frugal finds!


Get Off Season Gifts Now

If you plan on buying anything that is considered winter related as gifts this Christmas, get them now and you’ll save a big. This includes any and all winter clothing; snow fun related items like skis and sleds and others cold weather must haves like space heaters and snuggies. Tools and hardware, which makes great gifts for dad also tend to be on sale the most during the summer months. However, with most other items like toys and home goods, you’re better off waiting for Black Friday/Christmas specials.


Stock On The Small, Costly Stuff Now

Miscellaneous stuff like wrapping paper, bows, gift bags, stockings, scotch tape, stocking stuffers all add up quickly. If you conveniently pick these things up while waiting in the checkout line during the season to purchase your holiday gifts, you can expect to pay top dollar for them. However, if there is a Christmas/holiday specialty warehouse or store in your area, pay them a visit now. Many stay open year round and have great deals during the summer months on this small, miscellaneous stuff.


By strategically shopping for Christmas now, you can shave hundreds off your holiday bill this season.

Jessica Drew is a freelance writer and frugal living enthusiast who writes about a variety of lifestyle and financial topics such as credit cards, student loans and cheap flights.


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