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Inspirational Thursday

Today I need a little inspiration. As many know, I work in a nursing home. While I am not directly in contact with our resisdents, I am the business office manager, I do have social interaction with them weekly.

I learned today that one of our resisdents doesn’t have very much longer with us. I haven’t gotten attached to many resisdents because this is the course they are suppose to take, but dear Connie I have grown to enjoy. I went down to see her today after returning from the hospital and it was a hard pill to swallow. I am really not sure how long she has left but I am glad she was able to reconize I was there and hear that I was thinking of her.

When I left them room I really just wanted to cry. I know this is the natural course of life and it brought up memories of being at my Dad’s beside waiting for him to pass over. I will pray for Connie tonight for the hope that she passes with peace and know that God is waiting for her and I will pray that my Daddy gives her the grand tour.

I saw this piece of artwork and it brought me a bit of peace and inspiration. Do you have something inspirational you want to share? Link it up!

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Karla Urwitz

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  2. thats a great post thanks for sharing, my aunt was in a nursing home and i hope she got great care and had people like you caring for her.

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