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A friend asked me the other day, “What do you call it when you start living how you truly feel rather than suppressing how you feel and living as you think others expect you to?”

I call it Freedom!

The problem is, most of us were taught to keep quiet and follow the social rules rather than to search our own hearts and souls for the God-given purpose we were born with. With this freedom comes great responsibility for we realize that no one else is responsible for our lives; we are the sole arbiters of our selves. Thus, WE are truly to be held liable for what we think, speak, feel and do. This awareness is what keeps us on track in personal and interpersonal relationships. This awareness is what creates the opportunity for, and the reality of, success (familial, social, personal, physical, emotional and financial).

It is funny that many of the things attributed to the devil are simply human foibles, or the refusal to take responsibility for them. It is MUCH more difficult to take the onus for your own Well-Being; but infinitely more satisfying and exactly what God intended.

You are an amazing creation.

The creative power of your Maker was placed in you from the beginning, and has never been rescinded! What you think, feel and speak matters! What you think and feel becomes what you speak. What you speak becomes your action. What you do becomes a habit and becomes your life. Literally, your thoughts and feelings are drawing the object of those thoughts and feelings into your experience!

You were created to be a dreamer.

You were born to be a creator. Why not think the good thoughts? Why not speak the positive? When you awaken to the fact that your thoughts, feelings and words create your reality. When you realize that you hold the control of your thoughts, feelings and words (no one can make you feel, think or speak anything), then you will take charge of those things and consequently, your life.

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6 thoughts on “Creating your Life

  1. Hi Karla,

    What beautiful sentiments and so true that what you think, feel and speak matters. We do attract to ourselves that which we focus on most, whether that’s good stuff or bad. We should always throw away the negativity that comes to us in the form of thoughts or influences and refuse to give them room in our lives. By always doing your best to stay positive your life can change dramatically.

    And I also agree that doing what we think others expect of us and denying ourselves the pleasure of pursuing life in a positive way, particularly one that makes us happy, does us harm, mentally and physically.

    Keep it positive, keep happy!
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  3. I have never been good with living out what others expect or say I should do. I have also found that finding freedom in who you are and living that out is a much better way to a full and joyful life.

    Thanks so much for sharing…

  4. Hi Karla –
    I’m looking forward to getting to know you through TSA. Thanks for sharing this post!
    I agree with the author that many of us learned how to keep quiet and live out other’s expectations at the expense of our own dreams and desires. How it must grieve God for us to ignore the seeds he planted in us in favor of ‘social rules’. Once we realize that we can’t do that any more then the tough work begins–figuring out what we really want to do and how we can move toward fulfilling our purpose. I’m so excited to be in the middle of my journey toward getting fully in life with His purpose for my life. I can’t wait to see what is next! Have a powerful week! Allegra
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  5. Hi Karla,

    Great post! You touched on some great points and one of them is that your life is your responsibility. We’re equipped with immense possibilities yet most of us barely meet our potential for greatness. Greatness comes in many forms, not just monetary, and it’s up to you to search for your life’s passion that’s congruent with who you really are.

    Thank you for sharing!

    Janette Stoll

  6. Hey Karla,

    Your post resonated with me on so many levels.

    I recently posted an article I wrote over 10 years ago on my blog entitled… “With Freedom Comes Responsibility”

    I continue to be amazed every day by people that say they want financial and time freedom but their actions do not reflect it. If people only knew what they were capable of I think they would do more towards accomplishing their dreams.

    After all, we all ONLY have one life, why not make it an extraordinary one.

    Great job and very nice blog.

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