What Home Appliance Brands Need the Most Repairs

RepairsHomeowners can no longer expect a home appliance to last 20 or even 40 years. Although more choices are available, some appliance brands can cost you more over the long run in repairs. Many experts advise buyers to choose the models with fewer features to avoid repair issues. When you are shopping for home appliances, avoid the brands that are known to have problems with breakdowns and high repair costs.


Refrigerator complaints seem to cause the most consternation in consumers. The refrigerator is a major appliance investment and causes significant inconvenience when down for repairs. In many cases, repairs on refrigerators add up to a good portion of the cost of a new model. Timer problems, condenser problems and compressor problems top the list of repairs for refrigerators. Experts advise consumers to avoid GE, Samsung, LG and Panasonic brands.


Dishwasher may get a great deal of hard use in busy families. Circuit board failures, draining problems and leakage are just a few of the problems encountered by owners. In many cases, the life of the product is surprisingly short. Experts say consumers should avoid LG, GE, Kenmore and Frigidaire for exactly these reasons. Bosch brand is very expensive to repair and should also be avoided.

Washers and Dryers

Samsung, LG, Kenmore and GE do not have a good service record in the category of washers and dryers. These brands may encounter expensive repairs that add to the initial price and cause considerable inconvenience to consumers.


In the category of kitchen ranges, a wide range of problems can occur. Electronics can be faulty at the manufacturing point, and models with a large number of additional features are often the first to show problems. These repair costs can add up quickly, causing consumer frustration and expense. Avoid Whirlpool, GE, Kenmore and LG brands.

Microwave Ovens

Although microwave ovens aren’t considered a “necessary” item to some homeowners, many people use them on a daily basis. They are often the kitchen appliance that are most used by the children in a household, and the failure of these appliances can upset normal routines. Samsung, Panasonic and Sharp may have quality issues that cannot be resolved. Lesser known brands like Haier and E wave may be a problem because of parts availability.


A tantalizing price and the offer of brilliant new features may lure you into purchasing a brand with a bad service record. Think twice before making this mistake, which will end up costing you more than the original price. Click here for more info  about Utah Appliance Services.



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