Top Reasons Why Couples Seek Marriage Counseling

There are a number of reasons why a couple may decide to seek marriage counseling. In fact, there may be as many reasons as there are married couples. But there are several common reasons that a couple may seek out marriage counseling because as unique as each couple is, quite often the same problems or issues plague us.  Below is a list of the top reasons married people go to a marriage counselor.


This is the number one reason that couples head to marriage counseling. While cheating can be the end of some marriages, other couples want to attempt to work past the infidelity and seek the professional help of a marriage counselor.  Whether the couple is dealing with a one-time affair, chronic affairs or a sexual addiction, quite often counseling is the only way that they can move past what happened and start to build up the trust in the relationship again. Marriage counseling can also help the couple to decide if they can get past the infidelity.

Constant fighting

Another reason a couple may decide to try marriage counseling is that they are constantly fighting. The couple may be fighting over big things and events, or it could be a constant squabble about smaller everyday things, but it has gotten to a point where something must be done. Fighting is usually a sign that there is something deeper going on and the fighting is merely a symptom.  With the help of a marriage counselor, the couple can get to the root of the arguments and also learn better ways of dealing with each other when it comes to disagreements and conflicting opinions.

Money issues

It’s said that most divorces aren’t because the couple stopped loving each other, but because they had financial issues. Stress over the mortgage, monthly bills, credit card payments and future expenses such as children’s education can put unbelievable stress on a marriage. Counseling can help the couple learn not only how to deal with the stress of money issues, but also how to rearrange their finances so that the money problems they are experiencing are lessened.


Communication is the key to any relationship. When communication breaks down, things can go downhill, and fast. Once this happens, couples may seek the help of a marriage counselor to get their relationship back on track. Counseling can help the pair learn how to better communicate with each other, strengthening their marriage and helping them to avoid further confusion and stress when it comes to what each person is thinking and feeling.

Blended families

When two people marry and they are bringing children from another marriage or relationship into the mix, there can be a huge period of adjustment. Often marriage counseling can help the couple learn how to bring the two families together and how to start parenting the children together, as a couple. Along with marriage counseling, family counseling is often suggested.

Sexual issues

Sex is an important and integral part of any marriage and when there are problems in this area it can affect all other areas of the relationship.  Maybe someone in the marriage is feeling neglected. Or there may be some self-esteem issues, causing a spouse to pull away sexually. Regardless of the reason, counseling can help you get back on track sexually by dealing with the issues behind the problem.

Almost all couples face one or more of these issues at some point in the marriage. Seeking out a marriage counselor can help you deal with your issues and make your marriage stronger.

Joshua Fletcher is a freelance writer for Marriage Fitness is an innovative step-by-step relationship-changing system that teaches you how to save a marriage. It is a more effective alternative to marriage counseling. They offer free marriage therapy to couples going through marriage problems.

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  2. Good communication is a must to develop the healthy relationships in your married life. You should share all your problems and feelings with your partner as well listen to your partner and understand. Make some time for each other to share your emotions. Go for outing with your partner and make some romantic plans for short vacation.^:..’

  3. Thank you for sharing this. I am glad you recognize that there are so many reasons that people take a visit to counseling, because after all it is just to make the marriage as strong as possible.

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