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When it comes to the top Christmas toys for 2010, the good news is that a number of lists have been released to help predict what’s going to be popular this year. If you’ve got kids that you want to make sure are happy on Christmas morning, then you’ll do well to buy some of the toys from these “hot” lists. If you’re looking for the top ideas for boys and girls, then here are two of the hottest Christmas toys for 2010.

For Girls: GoGo My Walkin’ Pup

This toy has been featured all over hot toy lists! It’s definitely set to sell out fast for Christmas 2010, and it isn’t difficult to see why. This is a toy puppy that will actually walk alongside your little girl! She can attach GoGo’s leash and take her out wherever she wants to go.

On top of walking, this toy also features noises that show excitement when GoGo is being petted, and whining to get attention if he’s been ignored for a little while. When you leave him alone he’ll simply end up falling asleep.

One of the main benefits of choosing GoGo as the Christmas gift for your little girl is that it’s almost like having a pet but without the expense, mess and effort involved! GoGo is a real character that your daughter will end up loving. It’s made to be durable, though the one downside is that it can start to shed fur after a while. Read a GoGo My Walkin’ Pup Review for more pros and cons.

For Boys: Hexbug

Hexbug creatures are becoming more and more popular with young boys (aged from around three to five) and the Hexbug Nano Habitat Set, specifically, is set to be one of the top selling toys for Christmas 2010.

The Hexbug are small creatures designed to look like real life insects. They move exactly like the insects do in real life, with the only difference being that they come in all sorts of different colors. They even interact with other Hexbug, so it’s a very popular gift for children who have already started collecting the Hexbug.

The main benefits of buying Hexbug or the Habitat set is that they are very educational. They’re fun, but at the same time your little boy is going to learn a lot about what insects do.


These are just two of the hottest toys for girls and boys for Christmas 2010. If you like the sound of them, then it’s important you shop early before they’re sold out!

For more information on whether these are the right gifts for your child, have a look at my Hexbug Nano Habitat Set Review – you’ll also find details of the other top toys for 2010!

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