Helping Your Kids Cope After Relocating Your Family

relocating your familyWhether you are relocating for business or personal reasons, living in a new area brings a lot of changes for the whole family. Transitions and new experiences can be especially hard for children. However, you can guide them through this time with plenty of love and support.

Encourage Communication

Young children deal with heavy emotions, but they might not always know how to express their feelings. During this time of transition, it is important to keep the lines of communication open in your family. You can encourage communication by asking specific questions to your child. Instead of just saying, “How was your day at school?” you can ask, “What do you like the most about your new teacher?”

Give Them Some Control

Moving from their familiar home to somewhere new can make some children feel like they have lost control. This can cause misbehavior and acting out. If you think your child might be dealing with this, make an effort to give them back some control.

Of course, you cannot let your child run your household, but you can let him decide what to wear each morning and what to pack in his lunch. Ask for your child’s input when you are planning weekend activities, and include him in the process of decorating his new room.

Schedule Time for Family Fun

Relocating can be tiring and stressful. In the middle of all of the busyness of unpacking and settling in, don’t forget to spend quality time together. Scheduling time for family fun is a great way to make sure that it is not forgotten. When your children see a family fun day marked on the calendar, it gives them something to look forward to.

If you are working with a limited budget, family fun does not have to cost a thing. Take some time to explore the sites of your new area. Visiting different parks, spending an afternoon at the beach or taking a picnic to a new playground are all wonderful ways to spend time together without breaking the bank.

Be Patient

Even in the best situations, it takes a while to adjust to a new area. Each member of your family will deal with the transition in a different way. You are sure to have both good days and bad news, but remember to be patient. After a while, your new town will start to feel like home.


Although moving can be challenging, it can also be an experience that brings your family closer together. Reminisce about the good times that you had in your previous location, and enjoy making memories together in your new home.

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