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Healthy Eating: The Top 7 Foods That Will Damage Your Teeth Quicker Than Anything Else

7 Foods That Will Damage Your Teeth Quicker Than Anything ElseMaintaining proper oral health is one of the best things you can do for the overall health of your body. Everyone knows to brush and floss each day, but all of your work can be ruined if you eat the wrong foods. While there are dozens of tooth damaging foods, these are the seven that will do the most harm to your smile.

Diet Soda

Everyone knows that drinking regular soda is harmful for your teeth, but diet soda is also bad for your smile too. Diet sodas are extremely high in acidity which will rapidly weaken tooth enamel. Teeth are very prone to chip once you lose the enamel.

Hard Candy

Sucking on a piece of hard candy may seem harmless because they are so small, but they actually put your teeth at risk of damage. Your teeth are going to be in constant contact with sugar when eating hard candy, which is the worst possible thing you can do for your smile.

Dried Fruit

Fruit becomes compacted with sugar when it is dried. Dried fruit is also very sticky, which makes it very easy to get caught in your teeth while eating them. Your teeth will rapidly rot while the dried fruit stays in contact with your teeth.

Potato Chips

Most crunchy foods are bad for your teeth, but none of them are more damaging than potato chips. The small pieces of the potato chips can easily get caught between your teeth. Since potato chips are loaded with starch, plaque will start to build on your teeth the longer they stay in your mouth.

Sports Drinks

Sports drinks may seem healthy, but they are actually loaded with sugars and acid. Since drinks come in contact with every part of your mouth, you are exposing your teeth to two harmful ingredients.

Citrus Fruit

We all know that acid is terrible for the enamel of your teeth, and there is no food loaded with more acid than citrus fruit. While limes and lemons may add a touch of flavor to your food, eating citrus fruits alone puts your teeth at risk.


Ice may seem harmless because it is nothing but water, but chewing on ice is very damaging to your teeth and can quickly lead to problems if done often. The hard nature of ice puts your teeth at severe risk of chipping if eaten.


If you avoid eating these seven foods, then you should have no problem keeping your teeth in great shape. Going to regular dental check-ups and getting your teeth professionally whitened can keep your teeth healthy and looking great. It may be hard to eliminate some of your favorite foods from your diet, but it will be well worth it for a healthy smile.


Informational credit to Dr. Brian Yim.




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