HBO Showcase: Great Shows for the Guys

wireOdd though it may sound to unreconstructed men that insist they are confirmed loners and do not need the company of other men in order to feel whole or sane, many of us do. However, even new men realize that bonding over a cup of tea and a chat about our partners could be seen as getting a little too much in touch with our feminine side and seek more masculine ways to interact with our male friends.

 Pool, darts, snooker or ten-pin bowling are all worth considering if you just want to get together and have a few laughs but if you would like the emphasis to be firmly on communicating with each other, a more intimate setting than the local bowling alley may be in order. Many guys find that one of the best ways to bond with their friends is by watching a television program that they all enjoy, in the comfort and privacy their own homes. The venue can be changed every week so that nobody is stuck with the job of hosting all the time.

 What to watch

You might think that watching TV is a bad choice if the idea of getting together is to talk to each other but if you choose a show that is regularly repeated and that might generate talking points itself, it can be a very good way to get a group of male friends to open up and share their inner thoughts with each other. Surprisingly, gritty dramas such as The Wire can provide an excellent backdrop for men that want to share. Whether you choose this or another series to watch, try to make sure that everybody in your group has at least a passing interest in the subject of the program you choose or else some members could feel excluded and stop coming to the weekly gatherings.

The reason that shows that appeal to men’s macho side seem to work well as catalysts for deep and meaningful conversations is that they provide a neutral and safe topic to discuss with which everybody feels comfortable. Once the events of the latest episode have been analyzed in detail, you and your friends can let the conversation develop naturally and branch off into whatever direction you fancy. The topic of the series that you are watching every week acts as an ice breaker and helps to ensure that there are no lengthy, embarrassing silences when the time for talking arrives.


If drama shows such as The Wire do not appeal to every member of your group, you may like to consider getting together to watch a sporting fixture every weekend although the fact that many males enjoy drinking beer when watching football, rugby and other sports means that there is a good chance that serious talking will take a back seat to meaningless banter if you decide to take this approach. For this reason, it is worth persevering with a drama series for a few weeks, to see if it starts to grow on you and your friends.

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