Twiztt Cookware by Joan Lunden Review

frypanI am not a cook, as many of you have heard me say, but I do love to try new kitchen items out.  My husband bought a set a pan a year or so ago, you know the ones he thinks looked awesome but everything sticks at the bottom kind. We are such in need of some new cookware. I was thrilled to get the chance to review Joan Lunden’s new cookware, Twiztt.

About Twiztt

In 2010, she introduced her home décor collection Joan Lunden Home on QVC aimed at helping women attain easy décor at reasonable prices. Her line of healthy non-stick cookware, TWIZTT™ will launch in retail later this year. Lunden has a skincare line, Resurgence by the popular Murad Skincare, and she and her husband invented and launched Kinderkord, a child safety product designed to help parents and children stay connected. Five years ago she created Camp Reveille, a unique retreat where women from across the country come to recharge their fitness, renew their spirit, and learn the life skills needed to achieve a healthier balance in their lives. And every day, women visit her website for health, wellness, and lifestyle tips, family information and parenting advice. Lunden’s passion for inspiring women to take charge of their health & happiness has been at the forefront of many of her projects.

My Review

I received the Twiztt frypan for review. What I love about these pans is that they are eco-friendly and a very sturdy pan. Now I am not going to lie, the first time I used it, I burnt hashbrowns in the darn thing. Told you I am not a cook.  Unlike my other pans, these cleaned right up without leaving a huge mess. They are   Stainless steel frypan with ceramic non-stick,  PTFE free and PFOA free.  They do recommend that you handwash these pans, however I have put it in my dishwasher a time or two and it’s been fine. Maybe over time the non stick will wear off if put in too many times.

I know wedding season is coming up and graduations will be happening and Twiztt would make excellent gift choices for either occasion. Anyone will really enjoy this set (even us non-cookers).

Karla Urwitz
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  1. I’ve never given much consideration to eco friendly cookware until reading your post. Sounds fantastic.

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