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Five Ways to Live Green

Many people think that living green means uprooting your family and moving to a commune. This simply is not true. You can live the life you are accustomed to and still be environmentally conscience all it takes is some minor alterations. By going green you can be saving yourself some serious money as you help save the Earth.


Many cities around the nation have recycling programs. The city provides you with the appropriate bins which are usually colored differently so you know what item goes in which bin. For example plastic bottles without caps might go in the blue bin while newspapers belong in the green. When you take your trash to the curb you simply put the recycling bins next to it and let the trucks come pick it all up. This way you do not have to drive anywhere toting around your recycling. This is convenient and easy and you can even get the whole family to help out.

Focus on Energy

We are a people wholly dependent upon energy consumption. Phantom energy use is a problem that not many people are even aware of. Many appliances including computers and laptops draw in energy even when not in use. Simply unplug appliances that you are not using or buy a power strip that will be able to detect when the items plugged in are not in use and will turn off automatically. You will certainly see the difference in your power bill each month.

Walk it, Bus it, or Bike it

If you live in the city there is really no reason why you are not taking advantage of public transportation. Affordable and dependable, transit systems are available in many larger cities and even smaller towns as well. Leave your car at home and save some gas while you either take the bus, walk, or bicycle to your destination.

Use Cloth Shopping Bags

Nearly every store now offers cloth shopping bags for cheap. Instead of choosing paper or plastic choose cloth and help the environment. Many of these cloth bags are even stylish as well as green. By bringing these bags with you as you shop you can make a positive impact on the environment.

These five steps may seem small but if done on a regular basis they will pay off in the long run. By changing some aspects of your life you will soon find that being green is your new lifestyle.

Bio: Warren is particularly worried about the environment, and writes to protect it. Warren also works for an automotive company, cleaning the streets of gas guzzling vehicles. His company is, and they purchase vehicles.

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