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A few weeks ago I did a post about eco-friendly laundry but what makes laundry is clothes. I didn’t realize there was SO much green clothing out there.  Green ClothesThere all seems to be different types of green clothing to get.  Right now I am a bit confused. I can’t say I have even gone out looking for them but there are tons online. Here are some types I found.


These clothes are chemical free and have not  been taken from animals. A lot of the chemicals in clothing have been proven to not only hurt the environment but people as well. There are some cases that have proven by removing the chemicals from clothing has helped skin problems, breathing, and even depression. 2 of the 3 I need help with.


These clothes have been made from all natural fibers. They are mostly made from plants and animals. A good thing about eco-friendly clothing is that when you go through your closet in 20 years and wonder why you still have that shirt, you can recycle it because all the fibers will return to the earth. Compost it baby!


Another good way to be green with clothing is to recycle them to consignment stores. I shop at one all the time for my son. Most of his clothing is used. Grant you the material the clothing is made of isn’t green, you are not filling landfills with these clothing and are giving it to people that may need it.

Green clothing doesn’t have to be ugly. There are tons of fashionable styles out there that look like they are from Macy’s.  When I first thought of green clothing I instantly went to browns and greens. Wrong was I. Tons of cute things out there for you and your children. Look what you can teach them about healthy living. Just try one item and see what happens. It just might be the healthy living choice you need.

Need help finding places?

Has a large number of  green products from clothing to baby gear. Everything you will need for your little one.
This site is fantastic. They have wonderful yoga clothes and supplies that are eco-friendly.

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