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I am still a newbie at all of this work from home and make money scene. One thing I have learned was how important keyword are in your posts.Keyword Research Keywords are how you get found on search engines. I want to make sure I have enough keywords to set alarms off but not too many that my post looks like a dictionary threw up on it.  Normally when I have an article idea in mind, I got to a keyword search like wordtracker I type in what my article will be about and see what come up.

Let’s take healthy living for example, since that is my niche. If you go to wordtracker and type that in, it will show you all the things people are searching for that have healthy living in their search.  For this example there are 2712 different searches with healthy living in them. Normally I capitalize on the top 5-8.  Healthy living is the number one thing searched for. So I would make that part of my title and then within my article as well. Healthy living tips is listed at #2 so I might want to list some tips about whatever I am talking about. Remember be careful and don’t keyword stuff, meaning use that same keywords 20 times in an article.

The content you put on your site MUST be useful vaulable informaiton. Most article should be at least 300 words to even be consider quality content. So make sure you have your content first and then worry about keywords you want to use. You want to keep your audience and not bore them with keywords. After you have your content and your placing keywords. I would make sure one of those keywords are in the first or second sentence of your article. That way when bots come to you site they read that first.

I am an affiliate marketer so when I am done with my  articles I see if I have an affiliate that might fit into the post. Then on some the keywords I placed in the article I would link it to that affiliate. At the end of the post I will place an affiliate banner and talk a bit about the product. I tend to stick with one affiliate per post.  Once you post valuable good quality content your audience will start to click on those links. Keep and eye on your stats and see what keywords are getting people to your site and capitalize on that. It will all fall together but it does take time.

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