Balancing Career and Family

My career has always been important to me. So I knew when we started a family that I would be a working mom. Not only because we needed the money but because I take pride in my job.Career and Family I don’t think I am the stay at home type of mom. So how do I stay close to my family and have a career too? You can do it. I just have to prioritize. Family first, job second, period!

Growing up, my Dad was the career Dad and my Mom was the stay at home one. My parents were older so it was her generation that that is what you did. My Dad’s job came first to him and family was second. I know he regretted that deeply before he passed. I don’t want to make the same choices that he made. I can’t say it effected me all that much except that I never got to go see things when I was a child because Dad always had to work or never wanted to go too far away. 

Here are some things that I am vowing to live by to make sure family is first and my career is second. 

Plan a family vacation
Every year we will go somewhere as a family. My son is only 2 ½ now so it is good to pick age appropriate places

Family Dinners
This is something I was brought up doing. We eat at the table as a family and discuss the day.  No TV distractions or computers. Just eating and talking. Great family bonding time.

Play time/Quality Time
Right now my son is young so after dinner I try to set out some time to play with him and interact with him so he know I care about what he is doing. Once he is older I hope to do some quality time things with him like movies, bike rides or the library.

This is very important to me. I MUST be there to put him to bed. My husband and I take turns doing this but it’s important time for me to sit with him, read a book, and just BE with him. We have a routine going that works great and he knows that one of us will sit with him for awhile at bedtime.

It IS possible to have a career and a family. Millions of people do it and so can you. Just make sure you have your priorities in check so your family doesn’t get lost.  You may even have to alter your work schedule to be there more for your children. I am lucky to have a 8-5 job when I can just leave work at work. If you are a career mom/dad with a family I would love to hear how you balance it to make sure your family bonding time still is at the top of the list.

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