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Five Tips for a Greener Lifestyle

Nowadays, there is a large focus on making green decisions in your everyday life. Why? Well, there is a little thing called global warming for starters… What you should be asking is: what can I do on a daily basis to minimise my impact on the planet? It’s quite simple actually. You don’t have to build your house out of mud and live only on solar heating and the vegetables grown in your own little garden. Here are five simple and convenient tips to live a more eco-friendly life:


Flick the switch:

Your home is not a showroom or an art gallery – therefore you should turn off the lights in all of the areas you aren’t using. Go to the bathroom, turn on the light (if necessary), and when you are done, turn it off again. Simple enough? Just getting into a routine like this can drastically improve your electricity bill and if everyone gets into this routine, it can drastically change our impact on the world as we know it.

Save the water:

Too much water is wasted by letting your taps run. As you have probably been taught from a young age, turn off the tap while brushing your teeth. But it doesn’t stop there. Get a bucket for your shower and catch all the water that falls while you wait for it to heat up. And when you wash use water in the kitchen, keep a bowl in the sink to catch the water you don’t need while it heats up. You can then use that for a variety of things around the house.

Think about the electronics:

Many companies are now producing appliances that are eco-friendly and use less electricity. Next time you go shopping, make sure that you choose something with these qualities, and if you can afford it, replace the old ones that already occupy your cupboards.


If you don’t need to take your car to work every day, don’t. You could choose to use public transport, or simply create a carpool system with people who stay in your area. As an added bonus, you will save on fuel costs and wear and tear on your vehicle.

Waste not:

There are many things that people throw away when they can rather be cleaned and used again. Plastic bottles and take-away containers are just one example. Whether you turn them into something for display or keep them for storage use, the choice is yours.

Jason Acar is a well known content writer when it comes to writing about saving the world. Currently he is researching the potential of using timber decks     and plastic timber in eco-homes to further save our precious planet.

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