Glee How I love Thee

I love this show. I have missed it this summer, although I could have caught the reruns.

The Return

Just when you think there can only be one bully at William McKinnley High, here comes Coach Bieste. She, yes said she, is the new football coach.  Sue and Will find out their little budgets are being cut even more because of the new coach. This doesn’t sit well with Sue and Will. An alliance is born. Who would have thought, Sue and Will teaming up for the greater good of their clubs.  After a series of horrible pranks, Will finally sees the light when Sue has gone to far. Sue convinced Britney to report Coach Bieste for sexual harassment. Will thought that was a but too much and got Britney to tell the truth. Thank you Will for showing your true morals! However, there was a causality of the war, Finn was kicked off the football team and tries out for cheerleading. Oh my!

The Blogger

Let’s not forget about Jacob the blogger. He starts out the show with one question, “How did you spend your big gay summer” He first asks Rachel and Finn about their summer which they didnt’ have much to say. Although Lea sure has changed with the long hair, big lips and eyelashes. Very distracting.  Then he asks Mike and Tina about their rumored affair. To which they both denied and pointed out that just because they are both Asian they don’t have to be together.  Jacob then talks about how there is a forum on his blog that bed Mr. Schue to stop rapping.


The musical numbers were fantastic as always. Trying to recruit people for glee club wasn’t easy so the group kicked their first number by singing Empire State of Mind by Alicia Keys and Jay-Z.  Finn hears the new kid, Sam, singing in the showers and trying to get him to join glee. To help make his mind up, Finn set up an audition with Puck where they bellowed out Billionaire. (Spoiler) Rumor has it Sam is the future boyfriend for Kurt. J Rachel hears Sunshine singing in the bathroom. While a perfect for glee club, Rachel goes out of her way to sabotage her audition because she didn’t want to share the lime light.  Will makes Rachel apologize and gives Sunshine an audition. She bolts out Listen from Dreamgirls and is fantastic. Just as we think we were going to get a phenomenal singer,  Vocal Adrenaline swoops in and steals her. Although, Rachel didn’t make it hard for Sunshine to go to the other team with her horrible pranks. Rachel needs to learn to share the lime light.

Curtain Call

Glee ends with Rachel singing What I did for Love from a Chorus Line. Really?!? I guess she learned her lesson about sending poor Sunshine on a wild goose chase to a crack house. I guess the song was to show her love for Glee but I say it was more of love for herself!

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