Fun Activities to Do Outside with Your Kids in the Snow

Build a SnowmanWhen it snows, it can create a lot of hassle. You have to dig out your car, shovel your walkways, drive extra cautiously, and bundle up in snow gear. But the snow can also delight and amaze your children. With a backyard coated in snow, it creates an unusual playground filled with new opportunities for their imaginations. Kids love to play in the snow, and they love it even more when you play with them, too. While many children can be creative enough to entertain themselves in the snow, sometimes they need a little inspiration. Here are some fun activities you can do outside with your kids in the snow.

Go Sledding

This is perhaps one of the things kids love the most about snow. If you have a sled or inner tube, trek up to your nearest hill and have fun. Have sled races, or just take turns climbing up and coasting down. It can keep kids occupied for hours. Just make sure the sled is a safe environment, and keep a close eye on children while sledding. It can be a potentially dangerous activity, so use your best judgment, especially with your smallest children.

Have a Snowball Fight

Don’t be afraid to go into the war zone. Have an all-out snowball fight with your kids. Use the entire yard as your battlefield. You can divide into teams or play every man for himself. Before the fight, you can establish home bases and take some time to create a stockpile of ammo.

Build a Snowman

This classic snow activity never loses its appeal. Build a snowman with your kids, and get as creative as possible. Build a gigantic snowman, a miniature one, or an entire snow family. Let your kids dress them up in old clothes however they please, and encourage them to use silly accessories. Make sure you take fun pictures afterwards so you can remember your snowman long after he melts away.

Create Snow Messages

This is a unique activity your kids will love. In a large, open space, have your kids write snow messages. They can write in the snow with a stick or use sticks to form letters. Or, mix food coloring with water and let them paint on the snow. Write messages to faraway relatives, take pictures, then upload to Facebook or email to share a special, personalized snow greeting.

Build a Snow Fort

Your kids will love creating their very own igloo with your help. Shovel snow into walls in the shape of an igloo. Make sure it is sturdy, and try not to cover it with too much snow just in case it collapses. Let your kids play in their very own snow house. It’s great for snowball fights, too.

Ice Cube Scavenger Hunt

The night before it snows, freeze lots of colored ice cubes by mixing food coloring with water. The next day, hide the ice cubes all over your yard. Your kids will have a blast trying to find all the different ice cubes and collecting them. See how can find the most, or assign each kid their own color to locate.

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