DIY Home Fixes: 6 Tools The Pros Use That Every DIY-er Needs

DIY Home Fixes - 6 Tools The Pros Use That Every DIY-er NeedsAside from obvious items like hammers and saws, the DIYer will need certain basic tools if they want to be prepared. There is no telling what types of projects will crop up around the home, so it is a good idea have tools that can handle a number of tasks. Sure, there are some rare tools that you might use only once, but if you’re serious about crafts, home improvement, and do-it-yourself projects, there are a few basic tools you’ll be needing on a regular basis.

Safety Glasses

Eye protection is just as important for DIYers as it is for professionals. Ideally, a DIYer should have a full set of safety equipment including ear protection and work gloves; at the very least they should have protective eye-wear. Safety goggles provide protection from flying debris like sawdust and metal shavings as well as from chemical splashes. Protective eye-wear is available from, and Just because you are an amateur doesn’t mean you should act like one—get the proper safety gear if you want to finish your projects and stay in one piece.

Voltage Meter

Before doing any electrical work, it is essential that wires be checked to make sure that they are not live. A voltage meter can help to do this along with a variety of other electricity related tasks including fixing small appliances. Voltage meters are available from, and Proceed with the highest levels of caution when doing your own electrical work, and don’t attempt to fix or install anything if you don’t know what you are doing—know when to consult a professional.

Electronic Stud Finder

Finding studs is important for various household jobs, like wall mounting televisions. While professional carpenters can find studs simply by banging on the wall, DIYers may want the added security and convenience of an electronic stud finder. These devices detect changes in wall density and may be used on different types of walls. They can be found at, and

Safety Suit/Paint Suit

Typical DIYers don’t shy away from doing any job on their own, no matter how large it may be. Yes, you can pay professionals to paint your home, spray for bugs, or insulate your attic, but the ambitious DIYer will tackle these projects on your own. When it comes to intense jobs like these, you need to be covered from head to toe to keep you safe, and if you’re painting, you want to ensure that you can breathe properly and don’t inhale chemicals. If you have a paint suit (equipped with helmet) you can easily spray-paint an entire room in one day without getting messy or inhaling dangerous chemicals. According to the professionals at Pest Detective who specialize in pest control in Abbotsford, you should use one of these protective suits if you try to do DIY pest control to ensure you aren’t effected by harmful chemicals and don’t contract diseases from any animals or pests in the home.

Bolt Cutter

This tool can be used for any kind of cutting that wire cutters or tin snips cannot handle. They may be used to cut chain to length or to remove an old padlock. Bolt cutters come in various sizes and are made of different materials; a high quality one can last for years. Bolt cutters can be purchased via, and For smaller projects, wire cutters will suffice, but as your projects get more complex and intense, you’ll probably find yourself in need of some bolt cutters at some point in time.

Reciprocating Saw

This is a tool that the average DIYer may not have on hand but which can make large home improvement projects go much more quickly. These saws can be used for everything from cutting pipe to demolition work and may be operated in tight spaces where there is not enough room to use a hand saw. Reciprocating saws may be purchased at, or

18-Gauge Brad Nailer

The DIYer who wants to install crown molding will need this; it is also useful for drywall work and for repairing furniture. The nails used in a brad nailer are smaller than finishing nails and will not split wood or leave holes that have to be filled. Brad nailers are available from, and


Some of these tools may be rented if the DIYer does not anticipate needing them regularly; however, they are essential to own for renovation enthusiasts. In any case, it is a good idea for serious DIYers to build a collection of tools for future projects.


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