New Parent Hacks: How to Afford Pregnancy on a Budget 

New Parent Hacks How to Afford Pregnancy on a BudgetOne of the main concerns for new parents is how they’ll be able to afford the new addition of a baby to their family. From diapers to formula, babies can be an expensive member of the family, and increase in cost as they develop. Although having a baby will cost money each month, the pregnancy should also be accounted for when budgeting the overall cost. Instead of stressing over the cost of the pregnancy, there are practical ways to save money with each trimester.

Purchased Second-hand Maternity Clothing

One of the most expensive parts of being pregnant, is having to switch to maternity clothing just to feel comfortable. Maternity jeans can easily cost up to $100 with tops or dresses averaging $50 per item. Instead of splurging on clothing you’ll only use for a few months, shop at second-hand or consignment stores for great discounts. You’ll be able to purchase specific pieces for only a few dollars and can reuse the clothing with your next pregnancy.
Instead of purchasing several different types of maternity jeans, you can also use a belly band, which will conform to older jeans that you wore before the pregnancy, and will allow you to stay comfortable as you grow. The belly band will help to hold your pants up without having to stock up on maternity jeans.
You can also ask to borrow maternity clothing from friends or family members who have been pregnant before, for items that can be returned after you deliver. This will cut the cost significantly without spending money on a new wardrobe.

Cut Coupons

With a growing family, it’s wise to learn how to coupon while you’re pregnant when the expenses begin to add up. Find inserts in the Sunday newspaper and use them with store coupons or discounts to double your savings. You can easily begin to stock up on diaper rash products or nausea medicine while paying just a fraction of the cost.
Subscribe to coupon blogs to learn about the latest deals, or where to find free samples for an easy way to increase your savings and stay within your budget.

Compare Hospital Costs

The cost of delivering a baby varies depending on your insurance plan and the hospital that you have the baby at. A high risk pregnancy specialist, Dr. Gilbert Webb in St. Louis says to talk to your provider ahead of time on what procedures are covered for, and how much you can expect to pay after the baby is born. You may want to consider having the baby at home with a midwife or at a local birthing center where the cost is significantly lower.
According to USNews, it’s also important to find an in-network provider with your insurance company to reduce the cost of the deductible and the cost of delivering in a specific hospital.

Welcome Baby Showers

Don’t be shy to welcoming baby showers that friends or family members want to throw you before it’s time to give birth. Baby showers mean getting dozens of gifts that include diapers, nursing pads, and gear for both the mom and baby. More people are having multiple showers during their pregnancy, which can mean receiving items that meet your needs both during and after the pregnancy for an incredible way to save.

Ask for Free Samples

From belly cream to vitamins, there are a number of products that can add up in cost that you’ll likely need to pay for during the pregnancy. Reduce your expenses by asking for free samples through your OBGYN, or a pediatrician to find brands that you love and save on items both you and your baby will need.

When it comes to planning for pregnancy and the delivery of your newborn child, there are a number of different expenses to plan for. Instead of splurging on items you may only use temporarily, it’s important to reduce what you spend with a few common saving tips. By taking several easy steps and watching what you spend, it can be easier to prepare for your baby’s arrival and increase your savings.


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