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Kid MusicBirdie’s Playhouse is the creation of Birdie Mendoza (aka Michele Moreno) who has been singing since her early days in the nest. Her debut kids CD, The Wild World of Wildlife, has won a Parent’s Choice award, a Gold National Parenting Publications Award & gets regular rotation on internet radio such as Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl & Preschool Radio. She called upon many musician friends to record the album, one of whom is now the Musical Director of NBC’s Saturday Night Live!

I was thrilled to receive a copy of Birdie’s Playhouse Wild World of Wildlife CD to review. This CD is perfect kid music for the ages of 0 to 5.  My house is big on music.So this fit perfectly.This music will get your kids on your feet for sure. You get 12 upbeat and peppy song on this CD.

My Thoughts

We love music in this house so anytime we get some new stuff we get excited. Birdie really has nailed it with this CD. It’s so cheery. If you are having a bad day parents just put this CD on and you can’t help but cheer up.

My son loved the Monkey Chant song. He jumped around like a cute little monkey. One great thing about this kids dance music is that they can learn about the wildlife. From iguana’s to wombat’s Cooper was introduced to animals he hasn’t heard of before.

This would make a great gift for a grooving toddler or a mom to be. Us parents know we love things that tire our little ones out.

The Giveaway

Birdie’s Playhouse is giving one of my readers a copy of The Wild World of Wildlife. Giveaway ends 1/24 and for US Residents only. Good Luck

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  1. I didn’t know about this. My little son is just in the age when such a music is the only way to put him in bed and since I am a terrible singer…
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