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Four Ways to Cut Down on Online Spending

With less traditional outgoing costs — for example on trips to a restaurant or the cinema — due to the coronavirus pandemic, we might be looking more to satisfy our spending habits online. Whether this is online shopping or through digital subscriptions, there are many ways to lose money while using what the internet has to offer. If you are looking to save money on online spending, then this guide has four key ways to help you cut down.

Find Free Streaming Services

With everybody talking about a certain TV show or film online, it might be tempting to subscribe to several streaming platforms. The huge problem now is that so many studios are starting their own streaming platforms that they are starting to look just like the old cable packages of yore. Find a free streaming service instead, whether it’s through films and shows available on YouTube, or simply available on the public archive. Did you know that libraries offer free DVDs or even streaming platforms? It’s worth seeing what your library has to offer when it comes to home entertainment options.

Cut out Express Delivery

That object you just bought: do you need it delivered the same day? Or could it be something that can actually wait days or even weeks for. By subscribing to fast delivery options, you are spending a lot of money not on the object itself, but merely on the speed with which it arrives at your house. If you don’t mind waiting a little longer, then cutting out these express options entirely will have a massive impact on your wallet and might be better for the people driving too.

Think Before You Shop

As you are not at an ATM or physically handing over your cash, you may not even be realizing how much you are spending online. This is why it’s a smart idea to take a breather before you purchase anything online to truly ask yourself if you need it. That way, you may find yourself spending a whole lot less. If you find yourself in debt as a result of excessive spending, then perhaps it’s time to consider a debt consolidation loan. The benefits of debt consolidation, like that offered by OneMain Financial, may include a lower overall interest rate, a reduction in your monthly payment, and only one payment to keep track of.

Shop In-Person Instead

The conventional wisdom is that it is cheaper to shop online than in person as you have an infinite variety of options to choose from. This isn’t always true. When it comes to homemade gifts or books or even furniture, you might find that actually getting yourself down to the store and browsing in-person can actually save you money. There is a psychological benefit to this as well. By physically standing in front of an object you will have a better idea as to whether or not you actually want to purchase it, far greater minimizing the risk of making any impulsive purchases as a result.

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