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Online Church Services. Good or Bad?


While trying to find a church in my area to possibly attend I found a lot of online church services. Who thought of that one? I have never used one but I wonder if it’s a good or bad idea. I am a firm believer that I don’t have to “go” to a place to worship God. While many disagree with me, does that mean I have to go everyday in order to worship God? Can’t I simply praise God from my couch in my bathrobe? So I did some looking into this topic.

There are tons of people using online church services as a means to worship and hear God’s word. Is it O.K. to interact this way regarding our church involvement? Do you feel that one has to go to a place to worship God? Here are pros and cons.

Genuine Reasons For Using Online Church Services?

Let’s start with, what is your motive or reason for using a Online service? Are you disabled or unable to get to a church due to physical restrictions? Maybe you have job that does not allow you to get to church when the services are being held. Whatever the reason, there are legitimate ones for not being able to make it there. If you are like me maybe you believe you don’t have to go to a place to worship.

If this is the case for you, Online church services can be a great way for you to have a time of worship and exposure to God’s word. As you know, God is very capable of using numerous means to spread the gospel and make Himself known. And the Internet Is a wonderful way to do that. When you did a search I am sure you found several church services for you to participate in.

Reasons a Believer Should Not Use Online Church Services

It is sad to say that here in America many folks use these services because they simply do not want to make the effort to go Sunday mornings. It is much easier to turn on the tube or computer and just watch or listen to a service. You don’t have to deal with people or drive in lousy weather. Maybe you just don’t like to sing. Is this you?

I encourage you to look deep into your soul and ask yourself, am I making excuses, am I just being lazy or stubborn? You may be thinking that as long as you perform some sort of religious duty on Sunday that all will be right with God. Be careful if this is the case for God judges the heart and motive of us all. He knows full well if we are playing games or not.

Personally, I think it’s up to each of us to determine what is right for them. Am I wrong for worshiping God in my car? How about at night when I say a prayer? I worship God everyday in some form or another does that make me less of a person because I don’t go to a building every Sunday morning? I listen to a Christian radio station everyday and through their words make me praise even more. If I am okay with that and am at peace with that, who is anyone to judge my decision. I might just try this online service and see what it’s all about. How about you find one, try it, and report back?

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